Rodgers and McCarthy weigh in on Vikings Bishop, Jennings

Last week Packers head coach Mike McCarthy in his last scheduled meeting with reporters before the start of training camp, pronounced his team "clearly ahead of where we were last year (which didn't end well for those with short memories)," and then made this promise about his team’s running game: "We’ll be better; I promise you. You can write that down."

Rodgers noted the schism that has developed since Ted "we only build through the draft" Thompson decided not to sign block buster free agent Greg Jennings. Rodgers did note that TT had been more than generous in making him the highest paid player in the league (five-year, $110 million extension). Does he go out and find me some talent to work with while I'm in my prime? No, he signs Sinkfield a UDFA out of a small college in Iowa for gods sake. I was mis-quoted when asked about Greg Jennings and it was reported that I replied," Who!" To set the record straight I said, "Who am I going to throw the ball to?" Do you think Randall Cobb is going to be a #1 receiver? Really? Jordy Nelson has more drops than a fat waitress working a hot, sweaty Wisconsin bar crowd on the 4th of July!

As coach McCarthy noted in his press conference we will be stealing a page from the Vikings who have the #1 ranked player in the NFL and rushing much more. Rookie running backs Eddie Lacy and Johnathan Franklin will be toting the rock for the Packers. We are going old school and will not rely on Rodgers passing as much. It is no secret that our offensive line is in shambles and Rodgers is the most sacked quarterback in the league. It is a long running joke that we should suit him up in one of those inflatable Sumo suits on game day. He would like to play another five years in this league and cash in on that big contract TT gave him.

After TT and McCarthy decided to cut Bishop without talking about a pay cut or given an opportunity to compete with TT's pet project A.J. Hawk, the Vikings offered Bishop a one year incentive based contract. Rodgers noted I'm running for my life in those division games and now they have Bishop, I don't think TT or McCarthy understand the pressure that puts in my head during games. I have that reporter on ESPN naming me as a murder suspect, it isn't easy being me. It is imperative that I stay in good health for the All State commercials as that income stream is paying the mortgages on several of my properties. This just isn't the same team since Donald Driver (he texted me that he sure hopes Spielman gives him a call as this is a badge of honor among Packer players) retired. Now with Jennings and Bishop gone we are toast.

It will be cool this year when we play the Vikings as I'll be able to watch Jennings for the first time in my career as his biggest fan. He was always my favorite receiver by far. It will be just like training camp with Bishop looking me right in the eye on the offensive plays during the Viking games. It sure would be nice if Clay Matthews III earned that paycheck he got from TT and put the team on his back this fall to lightened my load. This new approach has helped me "refocus" for the fall. I do hope after I retire/get waived from the Packers to QB for the Vikings for a year or two. Our QB's have a really good track record in Minnesota.



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