My Vikings 2013 53-Man Roster Prediction



EDIT: I re-evaluated Adam Thielen from a more objective place and as much as I want him to, I don't believe he will make the team. I'm not convinced the speed factor is present. Therefore, I have included Joe Webb and Greg Childs at WR. Childs is coming off IR because I believe he will be ready to play, also because someone reminded me that Mauti could also be placed on IR. (something I had completely forgotten)

It has been suggested that Fred Evans should be on the team several times, I dropped Guion in place of Evans.

I included Zach Line due to his utility. I believe it is entirely possible he will beat Asiata. Zach is the perfect backup, he can run, catch, tackle, block. If he steps in behind IMO the best RB/RB/FB combo in the NFL he will only learn and get better. Plus Priefer will no doubt want him on Special Teams.


Hello world.

This is my current prediction for the final 53-man roster of the 2013 Vikings! I created this list based off of the personnel groupings of the 2012 Vikings, so this list assumes they will retain the same number of players in each category as last year. (The only place I was tempted to make a change was substituting one CB for an extra WR)

The players on the left hand side are the ones I felt were pretty much a shoe-in. The players on the right are filling up the slots that may be in question.

You may notice there are 55 names on this list. I will explain:

Greg Childs - I believe the Vikings will keep him on IR for as long as they can before making a final decision.

Joe Webb and Adam Thielen - The final Wide-Receiver slot is currently my biggest question. I believe it is going to come down to one of these two players. See Above

Joe Webb seems like he would naturally have the upper hand. He knows the Vikings playbook, coaching staff, and players. He has been with the VIkes for 4 seasons, has experience in game, and is generally regarded to be talented with his feet. However, I am rooting for Adam Thielen. I guess I have a thing for underdogs (go figure). And the idea that a guy can walk-in to an NFL tryout and even make it this far is incredibly promising.

If I had my way I would drop either A.J. Jefferson or Marcus Sherels and keep both receivers. But I'm not in charge, and that's probably a good thing.

Other thoughts: I will be the first to admit, I lack knowledge of the O-Line and how it operates. These were my best guesses, but if there are any positions where I feel I'm blindly guessing it's the OL.

I read an article that said Travis Bond was getting first-team reps whenever Loadholt and Kalil were out, so I included him in the roster.

Brandon Keith is less of a sure bet IMO with draftee Jeff Baca fighting for a position. And who wouldn't want to say they had Chewbacca on their team?

Some of you may be saying to yourself: I love what the future of our LB core looks like. And you would be correct in doing so.

Good day.

I said, GOOD DAY!

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