Lets Break Down W/L by Schedule

I will admit that nothing I say will be backed by statistics, just what I feel our team should do against the competition next year. I read the crazy argument that Arif was having regarding QB rating and as my eyes glazed over I figured, hey lets just look at who we face and go with my gut. We all agree that Ponder is the crux or will it be crutch for us winning or losing this year, so as I make these picks I chose to side on that even though Ponder may not be lighting teams up, Frazier will make sure we manage games to be there at the end. At the end of the day, if my prediction is totally wrong and we end up drafting high, at least it sounds like next years qb class has more to offer than last years. If I am right, it will be the kind of improvement we would all like to see and then we can still argue symantics of winning in spite of Ponder's play or due to Ponder's play.

At Lions

- Win, they will be coming out guns blazing but I see our secondary shutting down Megatron (shutting down being less than 100 yards) with Cook being healthy. Jennings will give Ponder some confidence and the O Line will push Peterson to have a good start to repeating his MVP year.

At Bears-

Seems a while we haven't beat them, so time to take it to them and let Allen hit Cutler a lot...their O line is so unsettled that we should t off with a minor lead and win.


are just not there yet and like the bears have new coaching that means confused players that means us winning because Frazier has his guys prepared. Win


I really look forward to seeing AD go against this Steelers defense. Also, Jared will again chase Rothlisberger and force some picks. Win So, 4-0 at Bye, the two wins at Detroit and Chicago will be huge, I doubt we are favored even.


Cam Newton should be improved this year, I think this will be a tough win but a win because we will be at home. Also, because AD will have a huge day against their defense. WIN

at Giants-

First loss will be GMen, its a trap game because we will more than likley be looking at GB too much and at NY will not be an easy out.


Damn right we win this one, this game will be the one where Ponder shows he has something to prove against the best QB in the NFL. And, Bishop and Jennings will be fun to watch.

at Cowboys-

My opinion, most over rated team in football. Also, another huge day for AD. The cowboys defensive line has a new scheme to learn and already have guys injured, our offensive line will love this match up. WIN


Really really want this win,it will be close. I will say of the teams RG3 burned last year, we gave him the best replay of all his highlights...I think Greenway and Allen may take offense to that! WIN

at Seahawks-

Loss, I hate Harvin and hope we wipe that smile off his face in the playoffs or nex season, but Seahawks don't lose at home.

at Packers

- Tough call, but I will say we probably lose but play a very close game. Jennings will have a bigger impact in the first matchup, but will be a bit overwhelmed by the return home. Favre was out for blood, Jennings just wanat to compete and be the guy. Loss


- Win, if the NFC North is anything it is consistent, someone has to be in the cellar and the Bears to me have the makings of that type of team this year. I would expect them to be out of playoff contention and starters sitting due to 'injury". Win

at Ravens

>- Opposite of the Bears, Ravens will be in the hunt for their division or even home field for playoffs. And, its away. Loss


Screw Chip Kelly's new scheme, we have AD who will blow up on their defense. Win

at Bengals-

With playoffs on the line, we win. AD will have a strong game and our defense will be confident to play the Bengals passing game. WIN


- Could this game be for the division, maybe. For playoffs, very likley. Metrodome goes out with a bang and AD has a lot of fun running the rock. WIN

So I got 12-4, +/- 2 games in my opinion

. I will say, when breaking down the games I do feel confident we can win when it counts and avoid losing when we shouldn't. Special teams for the Vikings this year should be A+, new punter, Kicker who just breaks records and puts everyone on the 20 or inside it, and Patterson who if nothing great comes of him this year as a wide reciever I have confidence he will understand how to catch punts and kicks then run! The NFL season is a dramatic marathon, probably why it is so poplular and makes crazy money. Go ahead and post thoughts or your take on the matchups. Will this be the year for the Vikings, the question you should ask yourself it this, why not?

This FanPost was created by a registered user of The Daily Norseman, and does not necessarily reflect the views of the staff of the site. However, since this is a community, that view is no less important.

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