5 Offseason Items

This week, I'd like to review the Vikes' offseason, just one last time. Hopefully this will provide a snapshot on this fan's thoughts.



The Subtractions

Percy Harvin - An obvious talent, and injuries just cannot be predicted. This trade was/is not a win because of his current injury-status. The positives lie in the value of the picks we received in return.

Antoine Winfield - Purely a financial decision. The stud finished #58 in the Pro Football Focus Top 101 OF 2012, and no cornerback finished higher. I also find the talk that he won't make the Seahawks roster overblown.

Jasper Brinkley - It was clear that either Henderson or Brinkley would be walking this summer, so the Brinkley loss is not a big issue and the LB corps needed some change anyways.

The Additions

Greg Jennings - A stud when healthly. He must be looked to a Ponder's primary weapon in this offense now. The skill set is different from Harvin, but our QB needs a reliable receiver nonetheless.

Cordarrelle Patterson - A raw stud? The are questions marks, both good and bad, all over this guy. This team is counting on its youth and thus we'll need a strong performance from Patterson to stay competitive.

Sharif Floyd - The luxury pick. Nobody knows how much Floyd will play, or how he fits in with our DL personnel. Everyone knows that he is a force, however.

Desmond Bishop - Bishop is a late-blooming 3-4 LB who has great years before the injury in GB. If he can stay healthy and transition well into the 4-3, he'll be a great add no matter where he plays.

Xavier Rhodes - Cross your fingers. This defense is riding heavily on Rhodes and there is not turning back. Cook and Robinson instill little confidence in me. He has to be the guy facing stud WRs every week.

Jeff Locker - A starter so he must be mentioned. I don't know much about Locke, but the Blair Walsh addition in 2012 has me feeling pretty good about this punter. The Vikes know what they're doing.

The Uniforms

After much trepidation of having Nike do a redesign on our uniforms, I must say that they pulled it off rather nicely. From top to bottom, there is only a "hint" of Nike, in the number font (that is growing on me) and the curved shoulder stripe. Otherwise, I love the darker purple and yellow colors being used. The matte helmets and the black facemasks are a hit. Everyone is a fan of the more traditional shoulder and pant stripes. The purple pants will be "interesting". The old uniforms were simply a Cardinals/Patriots uni with different colors. The Vikings have a distinct, but traditional look now. Well done Nike.

The Stadium

Woah. This is clearly a Wilf dream come true. The stadium is and iconic marvel. It will offer significantly better seating and atmosphere, and most definitely attract a super Bowl at some point. The restrooms and video screen will make people quickly forget about the Metrodome. It's a design that I wish I were a part of. That said, I have my concerns.

My smallest concern is the east-west layout of the field. Sure, it looks towards downtown, but if the sun is blinding you when you look that way, does it matter? East-west stadiums are notorious for awkward shadows and sweaty fans.

The bigger concern here is cost. Wilf has a thousand positives at this point but lets not forget that he is a real estate mogul. With the amenities and exterior additions outside the stadium, it will be a major attraction. The downside of all this is that PSLs get put into play, and seat prices go sky high. This prices out the average fan, and the end result is a full but distracted crowd that offers little home-field advantage. We'll see.

The Whispers

Have you been listening to the players talk? The coaches? Have you been hearing the interviews?

What about articles? Have you been reading ESPN/Yahoo/CBS? Watching what ex-players now say about us on ESPN and NFL Network?

If you're answers to all of those questions is yes, then you know that the internal talk about the Vikings and the external talk about the Vikings are extremely different. The players and coaches believe that they are on the verge of something big, The media sees irrelevance.

That is what makes the 2013 Offseason so interesting. A complete franchise reload, with no credit for doing so.

This FanPost was created by a registered user of The Daily Norseman, and does not necessarily reflect the views of the staff of the site. However, since this is a community, that view is no less important.

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