Preseason Opener Post Game Thoughts

Hello fellow Norseman!

I want to start off these post game thoughts with a bit of a rant. I understand its the beginning of preseason. I understand the last thing you want to do is risk injury to key components of the team. I understand the game is meaningless. BUT WHY THE HELL DO YOU GIVE CHRISTIAN PONDER TWO (2!!!!) PASS ATTEMPTS!! I mean c'mon. Is the guy not in a make or break year? Is he not (arguably) the single greatest factor to our success this season? He needs as many reps as we can get him out there! Instead, we elect to let him throw a beauty to Simpson followed by a deflected interception.... and that's it. It's ridiculous. Again, I understand its preseason but we need to do everything we can to make him into the QB we envisioned when we took him 12th overall 3 years ago. I'm not saying the whole game or even the whole half, but I see no reason for a guy who needs as much game experience as he can get to have 2 pass attempts and be pulled. I'm gonna call it a coaching mistake.

I digress,

Cordarelle Patterson looks amazing. Downright amazing. He showed great vision and awareness both on the offense and in special teams. He proved he has the hands and feet to compete at this level. I would like to see his route running become a bit more polished, but hey, not a bad debut for a guy gifted with Randy's jersey number. Big shoes to fill but if tonight is any indication, he will be just fine. (Side note: Percy who?)

Shariff Floyd looked very dominant while he was out there before leaving the game with what looked like a mild knee injury. He did walk off under his own power, so we'll see what comes of this.

I was very pleased with how the offense played in the first half minus a couple poor throws from Matt Cassel. He took to much time in the pocket on more than one occasion and underthrew a couple of wide open receivers. He did however throw a beautiful check down to Zach Line who with the assistance of a wonderful block from Stephen Burton scored the Vikings lone TD.

First and second team defense looked very solid. Not great, but solid. No coverage breakdowns I can recall, sufficient pressure on Matt Schaub and T.J. Yates and for the most part they kept the running game contained.

The third team defense looked like it was sleeping on the field, but, its third team so I wont read to deeply into it.

Blair Walsh looked very Blair Walsh like. We didn't see a whole lot from Jeff Locke, but it's hard to evaluate a punter based on one game. Seeing him live you really get a sense of what all the hang time hype surrounding him is all about.

It wasn't pretty but there are certainly a few positives to take from this game and even better yet... OUR VIKINGS ARE BACK!!

Do you have any insight to share? Please do in the comments below!


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