The 2013 Iowa Viking News Report

The whole point of this thread will be in relation to Viking news and Viking related events in the State of Iowa during the 2013 season.

It will depend on posters residing in Iowa to post on it.

If you hear or know of Iowa related Viking news post it here

I'll try and post (once the regular season starts) the Vikings TV times and what not for (at least) the Des Moines region.

All right, another season starts!

Radio stations that cover the Vikings in Iowa

& elsewhere

These should be the same all REGULAR season long.

Here in Des Moines I expect 1460 KXNO to cover the Vikings. They even cover the first hour of Vikings Fan Line from KFAN.

I'll work on finding other radio stations in the state.

From 2012 but it should stay the same



Pre-Season Week 1+ Report

TV stations in Iowa carrying Texans/Vikings: KGAN-DT 2.1 (Eastern Iowa); WHBF-DT 4.1 (Quad Cities); KCCI-DT2 8.2 (Des Moines); KPTH-DT 44.1 (Sioux City); KTTC-CW 10.2 (Mason City/Austin/Rochester); KSFY-DT 13.1 (NW Iowa/Sioux Falls); WKBT-DT 8.1 (NE Iowa/La Crosse)

Iowa women recovering after 3-state kidney swap

Refuses to support Vikings, will support Nebraska Cornhuskers instead

James Vandenberg was perfect in NFL Debut

okay then

Ferentz proud of Hawkeyes in NFL

Iowa Hawkeyes head football coach Kirk Ferentz is proud of Chad Greenway, Christian Ballard, Seth Olsen and James Vandenberg

B1G building boom cost? $1.5 billion and rising

Minnesota boasts a 4-year-old $288.5 million stadium with terrific amenities. As part of a two-year lease agreement, the Vikings will spend $4.5 million in upgrades by the 2014 season. But the Gophers’ football complex was built in 1985 for $5 million and is considered perhaps the league’s worst practice facility. The program has lost recruits to its major rivals, and each day it falls further behind.

More gopher related but a tie in to the Vikings

Shrine to everything Viking

Super-fan builds shrine to Vikings, in his basement

Vikings' Cordarrelle Patterson off to a 'flashy' start

Unique living situation during his lone season at the University of Tennessee, with 3 girls; In the Des Moines Register so this may not count

Pre-Season Week 2+ Report

8/16 6:00 PM CT Will be on channel 8.2 in the Des Moines IA region


WHBF-DT 4.1 (CBS) will cover this game in the Quad cities region

Bad news for Sioux City, it seems KPTH-DT 44.1 (FOX) will cover Bucs at Pats instead. (If I recall 2 years ago this station covered a packer game instead of the vikings and got TONS of negative feedback and formally apologized, So good for them on this move?)

KSFY-DT 13.1 ABC (NW Iowa/Sioux Falls) will cover the Vikings

WKBT-DT 8.1 (NE Iowa/La Crosse) CBS will cover the Vikings

>Cancer Connection for Iowa Boy and Vikings Player

Cole Halbakken and Kenechi Udeze share a special bond

Pre-Season Week 3+ Report

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