King VI - Riser's and Sinkers: Pre-Season game #1



Vikings Football is back!! But, it's only pre-season. Nonetheless we have roughly 50 people fighting for a job in the NFL. 2,880 is the current number of NFL Players. In a month, 1,184 of those players will be unemployed. Whether or not you're one of those 1,184 that will be unemployed, or one of the privileged 1,696 will largely depend on these players performances over these games. So here's what I saw from watching the game. If you want the rocket analyst point of view, I'm sure Arif's article will be up soon enough. But, this is a perspective that came only from watching the game, minus the All-22 cam and whatever other features Arif and other geniuses use.


Stephon Burton- WR

Stephon Burton did as good as anyone in his performance this Friday. Not only did he show impressive after-the-catch ability, but he also impressed with his blocking. With the Vikings scheme, blocking can be the difference between a roster spot, and unemployment. Just when I was ready to condemn Burton to the waiver-wire, he impressed me enough, to where I would keep him as our 5th or 6th receiver(assuming Childs starts year on PUP.)

Cordarelle Patterson- WR

Patterson impressed throughout the day on Friday when given extensive playing time. His route-running was impressive, and he continually was open, giving Cassel a reliable option to throw too. His kick-return to open the game, was a missed tackle from going the distance. Even on the sidelines, he's sitting in the right place, right next to the 7-year veteran. Just about as good of a performance as we could expect.

Zack Line- RB

Zack Line has joined the MOAR FULLBACK regimen, and has had a terrific start. Pegged by many people here at Daily Norseman to be the UDFA with the best chance of making the roster, he lived up to that with Friday's performance. Combined with Asiata's uninspiring performance, currently I'd give him the 3rd RB spot. Line broke 3 tackles on his long TD rumble, and has seemed to impress during Training Camp.

Sharrif Floyd- DT

I think Vikings fan's can look at our DT position(not including NT) and be content that we'll be fine for many years to come. Floyd, our top pick in the draft impressed in both aspects of the game on Friday, making plays in the run game, as well as swatting down a pass, which was somehow low enough to hit Floyd's tiny arms, but not hit his offensive lineman. Floyd later went down with what was though to be an injury, but it was later revealed he just couldn't get up without help, as his arm's were incapable of this task.

Jeff Locke- P

Locke hasn't done enough yet to justify a 5th round pick, but he does look like an awfully good punter thus-far. He pinned Houston inside the 10 twice, and bombed the rest of his punts. It's safe to say, that we'll likely replace Loeffler next year, and have a phenomenal ST core for the next 15+ years. Spielman has done an excellent job revamping our special-teams, from signing Mike Priefer, to drafting Locke and Walsh.

John Carlson- TE

Carlson didn't play like a guy being paid $5 million, but he did show up more consistently than he did at any point last season. He got open reasonably often, and made the catch when it was thrown his way. Will he prove Spielman right and excel this year, or will the former site of the Metrodome be forever haunted by the ghost of John Carlson?


Toby Gerhart- HB

Gerhart impressed during AD's absence in Week's 16 and 17 of 2011, but doesn't seem to be able to do anything without a consistent work-load. Last Year, even after AD wearing down the opposing defense, a hand-off to Gerhart seemed to be worth little more than an incomplete pass. That's not even mentioning him nearly throwing the 49ers game. Once again, playing against mostly backups, Toby was unimpressive. Poor vision and still the poor speed that he possesses.

James Vandenberg- QB

Vandenberg looked awful in the little time he played Friday. He looked completely lost whenever pressure came through. His throwing wasn't all that great either. At the end of it all, my guess is he'll be on some teams practice squad as a developmental player.

So there we have it, not too many sinker's but it's harder to notice the bad stuff than it is the good stuff unless you happen to play at a skill position. I hope you enjoyed this article, and Thanks for Reading!

This FanPost was created by a registered user of The Daily Norseman, and does not necessarily reflect the views of the staff of the site. However, since this is a community, that view is no less important.

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