Awesome 53 Man Roster Based On GVOAT Tournament

I thought I would create this post to coincide with our Greatest Viking of All Time Tournament. If the Grant vs. Page vote is the Superbowl of Vikings, this post can serve as my Pro-Bowl. Just envision a bomb to Moss...thrown by Sir Francis! What you see below is the most awesome team in the history of hypothetical football squads, as all players are in their respective primes in their careers. Let's get to the fun!

Coaching Staff:

This is obviously Coach Grant and his excellent staff. Enough said.


QB-Fran Tarkenton

Reserves-Warren Moon, Tommy Kramer

These were pretty easy for me. I intentionally left off players(Culpepper, farve) because I don't think they deserve to be thought of as Greatest Vikings.

Offensive Linemen:

LT-Gary Zimmerman, LG-Randall McDaniel, C-Mick Tingelhoff, RG-Ed White, RT-Ron Yary Reserves-Grady Alderman, Steve Hutchinson, Matt Birk, Tim Irwin

What a group this is. I don't think Fran will have to scramble much here. The RB's should just be able to stroll into the endzone with all of these road pavers. Poor Birk probably won't ever see any action since he's backing up Mick.

Tail Backs:

RB-Adrian Peterson, FB-Jim Kleinsasser

Reserves-Chuck Foreman, Robert Smith

These were pretty much no brainers. Jimmy wasn't technically a FB all of his career, but this is were he fits in best on this roster.

Tight Ends:

TE-Steve Jordan

Reserves-Stu Voight

I'm going light on the TE's since Jimmy K is flexible and there was too much roster talent elsewhere to carry a true third TE.

Wide Receivers:

WR1-Randy Moss, WR2-Cris Carter

Reserves-Anthony Carter, Jake Reed, Sammy White

Again pretty easy call. One of these guys will probably return kicks and punts as I didn't designate that specifically. (Yes, I know. No Percy. I love him, but he probably won't be thought of as a Viking when it's all said and done). Now switching over to the D

Defensive Line:

RE-Jim Marshall, DT1-Alan Page, DT2-John Randle, LE-Carl Eller

Reserves-Chris Doleman, Gary Larsen, Kevin Williams, Jared Allen, Pat Williams

This is the strongest area on the team. Doleman may replace Marshall in obvious passing situations, while Larsen may replace Randle in obvious short yardage situations. Having the Williams Wall and Allen as rotation players is pretty sweet too. There could be as many as seven hall of famers on the D-line!


MLB-Scott Studwell, ROLB-Wally Hilgenberg, LOLB-Matt Blair

Reserves-Jeff Siemon, Chad Greenway, Roy Winston, EJ Henderson

Linebacker is surprisingly light on elite talent compared with some of our other positions (same goes with QB). There are still some really nice players here though.


SS-Joey Browner, FS-Paul Krause

Reserves-Robert Griffith, Orlando Thomas, Karl Kassulke

Great mix of ball hawks and guys who can lay down the hammer. These men are to be feared!


CB1-Bobby Bryant, CB2-Antoine Winfield

Reserves-Ed Sharockman, Nate Wright, Carl Lee

Not a bad group, but they won't have to cover anyone long with the D-line in front of them!

Special Teams:

K-Fred Cox, P-Mitch Berger, LS-Mike Morris, ST-Chris Walsh

I went with Berger over Kluwe because of his booming kickoffs that don't allow returns. Chris Walsh was a favorite of mine because of his awesome special teams play and toughness. He can also serve as WR6 if needed.

Well, there you have it. The greatest team that never played. What do you think of the roster? Did I miss anyone or have someone as a reserve that should be a starter? Let me know what you think.

This FanPost was created by a registered user of The Daily Norseman, and does not necessarily reflect the views of the staff of the site. However, since this is a community, that view is no less important.

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