Aside from Peterson, Madden 25 Has Little Love For Vikings

I took a look at this year's Vikings player ratings for Madden NFL 25 (instead of numbering it "2014" they choose to honor its 25th anniversary of the series this way).

Ten highest ranked Vikings in Madden 25

1. Adrian Peterson - 99
2. John Sullivan - 95
3. Blair Walsh - 92
4. Kevin Williams - 90
5. Jared Allen - 89
T-6. Jerome Felton - 88
T-6. Greg Jennings - 88
T-8. Brian Robison - 87
T-8. Chad Greenway - 87
T-8. Matt Kalil - 87

The Good News (From A Vikings Fan's Perspective)

Adrian Peterson is the king of Madden 25 with an overall rating of 99. Good luck trying to stop Minnesota's running game with Peterson's elite speed, power, and finesse moves combined with an elite offensive line lead by John Sullivan with a 95 overall rating.

The Bad News (From A Vikings Fan's Perspective)

I mean, apart from the horrible QB situation (we all saw it coming).

Unfortunately, this list is much bigger than the previous. I don't know why, but the folks behind Madden 25 seems to be either uninformed or just don't like the Vikings. Minnesota has only four players ranked higher than a 90 overall, the ugly part is that Jared Allen is not one of them. Yes, the same Jared Allen who practically broke the single season sack record just two seasons ago and has more sacks than any other player in the last two seasons... *breath*... has an 89 overall rating.

I thought that maybe they lowered the ratings for the other teams as well, but no. The Vikings are rated as a below 0.500 team, even though they were a play-offs team last year and upgraded their roster with three first rounders and a Pro Bowl receiver.

It seems obvious that the folks behind Madden 25 are largely influenced by the masses. Adrian Peterson won the MVP and was voted the best player by his peers. John Sullivan (although not at the same level as Peterson) has been highly praised and called one of NFL's most underrated for a long time. Jared Allen has been criticized for having a down year when in reality he had a good year. Whenever double digit sacks are labeled as a disappointing season then the man has to be a damn good player.

Looking Deeper Into The Ratings

There are some odd and illogical ratings. For instance, Peterson's strength rating is the same as Kevin Williams. Hey, I know Peterson is a physical freak, but I doubt he's as strong as a previous All-Pro lineman at 300+ pounds.

What speed rating should Cordarelle Patterson have? I would say somewhere around 96-98. Looking further into the ratings you'll see "Flash" with a speed rating of 93. They did get his juke move right (96), but still... Patterson is arguably the fastest man on the team.

Despite all the love Peterson is getting in Madden, even Peterson gets an unfair rating. The baddest and toughest man in the NFL is rated 86 in toughness. To put it in perspective: 21 players on the Vikings have an higher toughness rating. Christian Ponder has a toughness rating of 91. Harrison Smith, the Adrian Peterson of the defense, is rated a ridiculous 76 in toughness. Poor guy must be wetting his pants every time he steps on the field considering the hits he puts on receivers.

This FanPost was created by a registered user of The Daily Norseman, and does not necessarily reflect the views of the staff of the site. However, since this is a community, that view is no less important.

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