Chicken or the Egg

Well, another disappointing performance by Christian Ponder and the Minnesota Vikings, and even the 'well, it's preseason' people are now feeling concerned. Yes it is preseason, and the fact that we are 0-3 would not bother most of the logical fanbase if we all had been witnessing improved play from our starting quarterback, but we have not-in fact Ponder's play does look somewhat regressed, which is unfortunate.

So, what gives? Has Ponder already reached his ceiling sometime last season, and he is what he is? The offensive line, running backs, tight ends and wide receivers are more than enough to work with to be successful and more to work with then most of the quarter backs in the league. Is it Bill Musgrave that is the real problem, and has been more than counter intuitive holding this team and primarily it's QB back, hindering Ponder to the point of absolutely zero confidence and no belief in himself? Looking at this team; it is either one, the other or both.

There are many across the league that believe Musgrave has no business coaching NFL QBs, let alone entire offenses, as he is often referred to as a QB killer, and everything I have seen from him in Minnesota leads me to believe he is indeed a QB career killer, and we are witnessing the slow, painful death of Christain Ponder's career.

But wait, many believe the plays Musgrave draws up are nothing short of genius, and perhaps his gameplans that are drawn up are not executed properly, or this would be one of the most unique and respected offensive schemes we have all ever seen, as Musgrave has just never had the personnel to execute it. Now of course, whether it is the quarter back or the offensive coordinator; one must make due with what they have, utilizing every possible resource to the fullest.

So what came first; the chicken or the egg, what is the problem Ponder or Musgrave or both?

What do guys think of where Minnesota is at this far into the Chrisian Ponder/Bill Musgrave era? Can they coexist and eventually make this thing work? Do they both just need more time and every single little thing to be perfect for the two to be successful, even though no QB/OC combo has ever had that? Is it simply that Ponder just does not have the ability and talent to be a starting NFL quarter back in this league? Or, does he indeed have the talent, but is hindered and rattled to the point of finding himself questioning his every move because of the approach that is taken by his OC, and after all Ponder isn't even allowed the authority to even audible out of plays in a preseason game? Is it Ponder is just that bad, and Musgrave must micromanage every single thing Ponder does as to mask his deficiencies? If so, why was a quarterback not drafted? One of the very best QBs to come out of this past draft was picked up in the fourth round by the Eagles. We all do not know the answers, but one thing that we all do know, and see this even in the preseason is that whatever they want to call this thing that is supposed to be an NFL offense-is not working, and something must be done to correct the problem that most of us identified last season or we are in for a long disappointing, travesty of a season. Now, yes the offense did need more qualified receivers, and have done well in filling at order especially considering the loss of Percy Harvin.

I, obviously have my own perspective as do all of you, but one thing I think we all can agree on is that this is not working, and simply will not cut it especially come the regular season. So, if you were Frazier or even Spielman would you do anything, and if you would; what would it be?

This FanPost was created by a registered user of The Daily Norseman, and does not necessarily reflect the views of the staff of the site. However, since this is a community, that view is no less important.

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