Time for development?

In these days over 900 talented footballers are left without jobs.

They aren't talented enough to make the 32 teams 53-man roster or practce squads. But out of thousands and thousands of college players they're the upper elite of football athletes in the US.
Isn't it time for you too to enter the rest of the world and the way you can conduct (team) sports?
- Uh Now I don't really know what you are talking about, you say.

Well, outside the US, sports are normally in a regulated system with the possibility of moving up and also the danger of dropping down in a divisional system. The winner of the highest division is obviously crowned National Champions. This however isn't the same as World Champions. That's only honored those who actually wins the World Championship. And this with participants given the opportunity to qualify for this from the whole world ;-)

The winner (or sometimes the 2-3 top placed teams) in a lower division qualifies against the bottom team(s) in the higher division at the end of the season. This to determine who will participate in or remain in the higher division for the next season. That means that everyone actually have a chance to some day become the National Champions.

Financing takes care of itself. Well, maybe not by itself. Some kind of economic knowledge, proper management and exertion is obviously needed. But every higher division draws a larger audience and thereby more media interest and higher ticket and sponsorship revenues.

I do understand that the owners of the NFL teams don't want to approve anything that might risks that they'll drop down a division. It's a little bit like asking the five permanent members of the UN Security Council to vote off their own veto right or that I would agree to vacuum the apartment every time I drink a pint of beer.
It. Will. Not. Happen.
Still, you can make a serial system under the NFL and maybe with the possibility of some sort of farm club agreements with the NFL teams (like most NHL teams have with various teams in other obscure hockey leagues).

As an example, here's the Swedish football soccer league system (not quite up to date, but you'll get the idea):

Swedish football league system

Let's say that the NFL is Allsvenskan but with no risk of dropping down a division and the underlying divisions operates as declared in the link.

In the Swedish Allsvenskan all players are professionals. From Superettan and downwards the players are professionals, half-professionals, 25%-professionals, half-quarter-professionals, 6.25% professionals, a very very small part-professionals, amateurs and serfs. Ok, maybe not quite like that, but you see what I mean.

Throughout the years, there are countless of Swedish footballers (and infinitely in other countries and other sports) not fitting in elite clubs for the moment, but with good training, playing time and a lot of hard work in lower divisions they manage to getting up to an elite team, either by themselves or with their team (did that sentence became somewhat understandable at all?).

My home towns soccer team plays in Division 2 (4th level). I believe they all are amateurs, but the club pays for all training, match and equipment related expenses. Media interest is foremost from the local newspapers and sponsors are local businesses. The attendance is somewhere around 200-300. Mainly relatives, friends of relatives, friends, former players, friends of former players, younger players, friends of younger players, sports geeks, friends of sports geeks... Finally, there will be a few hundred. They (like many many other teams) are delivering a product that, from their start back in 1916 up to this date, allows them to continuing their activities.

Don't get me wrong.
I'm not criticizing you guys, and I do understand that this post won't change a thing.
Nevertheless, I think that so much talent is... well, just simply wasted.



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