List of Vikings in Canton Gets Longer


What a great night last night as more than deserving and well overdue Chris Carter was finally enshrined into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. In many's opinion Carter should have been inducted several years ago; but as they say; better late than never.

Now, with all of the hype surrounding this year's training camp in Mankato; things seem to be going very well from the outside looking in. So, with how well camp is going coupled with the long overdue induction of Chris Carter into the Hall of Fame; the beginning of this football year in Minnesota is off to a great start and should be a pretty good indicator of how well the entire Vikings season will go and end in 2013.

Now, everyone has their own predictions of how well or how bad the Vikings will be this year, and unfortunately most of the pundits are not giving the Vikings much credit and few are predicting them to go much more than even .500. I on the other hand believe Minnesota is one of the very best teams in the league and will be getting continuously better as not only this season goes by, but be even better in 2014 and beyond and much to many of the media's dismay; the Vikings will be a powerhouse to be reckoned with for this year and many years to come.

Now, how well Minnesota indeed does this season can be argued back and forth from at least three different and strong argumentative standpoints so we will all just have to wait and see who was wrong and who was right and hope for the best.

Though, thinking of Carter's induction and looking at the talent spread across this current team in Minnesota; I for one think there has been and is enough talent on board or has recently been on board to skyrocket the number of Minnesota Vikings to be inducted into Canton over the next 10-15 years to make Minnesota one of the top franchises by the number Hall of Famers. With Carter fresh in everyone's mind; one can't help but think of the inevitable arrival of the best deep threat wide receiver to ever play the game; Randy Moss. There are several other former and current Vikings players whom I think it is only a matter of time before they join Carter. Doleman, McDaniel, Randle and many more of the Viking greats in the Hall.

To go further down the list of Minnesota Vikings that I think have or will have a very good chance of ultimately making it to Canton are: previously mentioned Randy Moss, Adrian Peterson and Jared Allen in my opinion will all be inducted just based of of their respected careers up to this point now. Others I feel at least have a small chance are Kevin and/or Pat Williams based on their record years in rush defense where they were better known as the Williams Wall. I think that Matt Birk and especially Tony Dungy have very good chances of finding themselves in the Hall one day as well. Younger players I think that if they continue doing well and getting better as it would seem they are more than capable of and even though it is much too early to really say with all the unforeseen variables that could happen, yet I think are real eventual possibilities are Percy Harvin, maybe Kyle Rudolph and who knows if history is any kind of indicator and it usually is, as Minnesota has a great history of drafting some of the best receivers to play the game like they did with Moss and Harvin, and now look to have another great, dynamic receiver in Cordarrell Paterson. Now, of course it is well too early to even consider Percy especially with his most recent injury and surgery and Patterson, who has yet to even play a down in the league, but I certainly would not discount either of the two who I believe will both wreak havoc on NFL defenses and special teams for the next decade or so.

So, with all of that said; I think in the next 10 to 15, or at least 15 to 20 years; we can expect to see at least a solid half dozen Minnesota Vikings inducted into the Hall of Fame. So, who do guys think the will be next Vikings to be selected to go to Canton?

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