aj's picks for 13 ....and why i may have used some not so safe words for kids

so last year i got really ticked off after reading esp(e)n the magazines "expert's" picks for how the vikings would fair during the 2012 is what they said: and actually here is my 12 prediction response:

experts huh? its as if these folks don't ever take into account anything other than last years record. wins and losses that's it. that is why typically every playoff team from last year is predicted to go back to the playoffs this year (just like in 2010 with the vikings) why is this always the deal?

here is, my (albeit a viking fans optimistic outlook) prediction game by game. I don't think it can be called unrealistic given recent successes and the difference a year makes: with a healthy Winfield and a free Cook, better backups in Carr the speedster Robinson and Bowman, a better kicker, a better LT, and better safeties and a better D-Coordinator (no prevent defense for the second half of the first 3 games when the team is up by 10, 17, and 20 points respectively), better special teams, better defense and a qb that converts 3rd downs and scores td's in the red zone. And they still have the best rb tandem in the nfl and a full offseason in musgrave's system (though his little play card worries me)
so how will it turn out?

Sun 9/9 Jacksonville Jaguars: W (new coach in jax, no mjd, gabbert's 2nd year)

Sun 9/16 Indianapolis Colts at Indianapolis: W (THIS IS AN F_ING REBUILDING FRANCHISE)

Sun 9/23 San Francisco 49ers: L (should be a close game, at home, two run first coaches etc. wouldn't be surprised if the vikes pull out a win especially given the curse of the prior year's nfc championship game loser)

Sun 9/30 Detroit Lions at Detroit: W (Detroit sucks, they got lucky last year, with all the off field stuff they will stink, plus vikings should have won both games last year)

Sun 10/7 Tennessee Titans: W (Jake Locker has less weapons than Ponder, titans D isn't going to be good, and Chris Johnson might be the new I got paid why play RB ala Larry Johnson)

Sun 10/14 Washington Redskins at Washington: W (if teams were graphed based on their history and potential the piggy's of DC would be a flat line, I say rest Ponder and AD and watch Joe burn them like he did last year)

Sun 10/21 Arizona Cardinals: W (HAHAHAHA!!! cards, could be another week of rest for the starters)

Thu 10/25 Tampa Bay Buccaneers: W (tough game, scary pick ups for TB this year, but at home and riding high vikes win big)

Sun 11/4 Seattle Seahawks at Seattle: W (Pete Carrol doesn't deserve to win ever, he cheated, and got away unscathed hopefully Karma prevails in this case. Also the Seahawks are Redskins west)

Sun 11/11 Detroit Lions: W (easy win at that as half of the lions starters are serving suspensions for something)

Bye (9-1 at the bye as the vikings praise the schedule makers for providing momentum with one of the easiest schedules ever, actually they'll praise the NFC West and AFC South for sucking so bad at the same time)

Sun 11/25 Chicago Bears at Chicago: W (Brandon Marshall jailed, Cutler pouting, and Urlacher injured the bears can't beat anyone no linebacker more important to a defense than him)

Sun 12/2 Green Bay Packers at Green Bay: L (i'm not that optimistic)

Sun 12/9 Chicago Bears: W (bears struggles continue Jared Allen has 7 sacks)

Sun 12/16 St. Louis Rams at St. Louis: W (don't really have to give a reason why this is a W, but with the Vikings sitting at 12-2 alll of the aforementioned experts will use the phrase "Trap Game" a record 5,322 times in the days leading up to the game)

Sun 12/23 Houston Texans at Houston: L (texans actually stay healthy for a full season, beat vikings in OT thriller)

Sun 12/30 Green Bay Packers: W (vikings spoil Packers' bid for perfect season with last second 63 yarder from Walsh, Jared Allen breaks Strahan's single season sack record without any assistance from the Green Bay quarterback)

so a 13-3 record, second place behind the Pack thanks mainly to:
Lions all in jail
Urlacher out Chicago D lifeless plus they still have no o-line
AFC South sucks
NFC West sucks

Pipe Dream? Maybe, but seriously most of the teams the vikings play are not that good, and they don't have to play in Green bay or Chicago in Dec or Jan.

Who knows, could be fun though. I'll probably be coming up with a ton of excuses for how the replacement refs cost the vikings the playoffs though.less 10 fans like this. August 30 2012, 1:37 PM

my picks weren't necessarily better, definitelly more humorous, and well....a lot closer to the real i figured might as well have some unalduterated fun and throw some out there for '13

if nothing else we can all have a good laugh

9/8 @ detroit...W rhodes blankets Calvin all day, no fireworks, just a classic black and blue game

9/15 @ Chicago W ..jared allen sacks cutler 5 times in the first quarter, cutler pouts....throws 5 interceptions rest of the game ....ponder has best game of career against poorly coached, over-aged D in lovie's absence .....3 td passes AD naps for the second half while asiata mops up (avg 8 yds a carry) seriously though..old D new coach, new system, same cutler...vikes win

9/22 Cleveland W really? don't really need to type anything else...other than Cleveland (hmmmm of course this is the game i am attending this year, and dagnabit they better trounce em)

9/29 UK Special Pittsburgh....W old, slow, figured out, down for the count pittsburgh......vikes win a close one, ponder takes a step back....renews vows to get motivation

10/13 Carolina W Wow!!! 3 home games in a row! oh wait a second...anyway. Cam throws another coach under the bus, too many cooks (in the backfield) spoil the stew, steve smith forgets his walker and AD rushes for 1000 yards in one game....serious take....vikes d is too awesome at this point....shutdown, beatdown...old school style

10/21 @ NYG W vikings always bring out the worst in eli! 4 picks....lots of AD...all day means all done for the g-men

10/27 Green Bay W had their number last year CP7 will not let us down at home CP84 break out game.....improved D harasses GayRod vikes win 38-10

11/3 @ Dallas W Garrets lame duck season, no real direction...means a steady hand well coached team wins...thats going to be the vikings in this case

11/7 Washington W Vikings had the foreskins beat last year, if not for lame play calls on the first 3 drives resulting in field goals, a huge no holding call on RG douche bags long td run,,,,,game over i expect same kind of game....crappy redskin d against the better team...ponder 24-32 3 td's 0 int's

11/17 @seattle W sidney will have an injury by then, minny's run d will stop marshawn, an insanely awesome trio of a healthy chris cook, super speedy and tough josh robinson, and new bad arse best corner ever xavier rhodes...yea...who's secondary is "the best" vikes win nail biter 14-13

11/24 @Green Bay L Packers are obviously a great team, obviously great at home and obviously know how to pay officials to not call holding when jared allen is on a b-line to crush gayrod ....other than that, minny is gonna drop a game at some point..this seems like the logical spot but not as a result of their mishaps... refs will look the other way often as they always do

12/1 Chicago W Jared Allen sacks jay cutler 8 times, cutler cries, cutler pees his pants...AD 350 yards 8 touchdowns vikes win 1070 -0 well but seriously...bears are gonna be 1 and 15 next year, ponder and co. will easily defeat them prbly 24-3

12/8 @ baltimore W so this team won a superbowl because some dback for denver tried going for an int instead of just staying home? hmmm and then said champs dumped or lost most of their stars? the real purple wins here

vikings eat ravens for lunch. bit heads off birds, destroy mating grounds.....seriously though, no chance vikes d AD bad ass passing game....ravens: no d, no receivers, over rated qb...

12/15 Philly...W....its a feast on vick! or foles....or matter what that o-line is not stopping the vikings d-line

that d is not stopping AD, CP84 is now a superstar....GJ15 is still a superstar and shit! philly d forgot about CP7 who just scored 3 td's while the vikes win 42-10

12/22 @ Cincy L hmmmm thats tough....cincy is gonna be good i saaay a well played tooth and nail game cincy wins 21-17 purely cause theyre on their field

12/29 @ detroit W... seriously detroit sucks, the city, the team, honestly there is no way the vikings lose this game floyd is now the beast DT, which means reggie bush is no longer anal retentive, rhodes still owns calvin cuase thats his #1 goal, stafford chokes, CP84 returns two kicks for td's AD runs ALL F_ING DAY and thats it...........

yep Vikings are going to be 14-2 this year. Believe it. Anyone who wants to argue about it ............i'm all ears

but i'm really hoping for more wild predictions and some conversation starters!

eat my shorts i say

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