The Secondary Must Improve

This is my first FanPost ever, so lets see how it goes.

Instead of writing something about Ponder (like every other post), I found it interesting how the media sets up their "preseason rankings." Most of us die-hards in here know the Vikings are at the bottom half of almost every poll while the Seahawks and 49ers are ranked as high as #1 and #2 in most polls. If you look at each of the team's records then you can see the similarities between all three teams. The Seahawks finished their regular season at 11-5, the 49ers at 11-4-1, while the Vikings finished at 10-6. First of all the Seahawks should have finished 10-6 as well due to the "Intertouchdownception" play at the end of their week 3 game against the Packers. (Yes I enjoyed seeing the Packers getting screwed out of a win, but the Packers did deserve to win that game.) So both Minnesota and Seattle should have finished with identical records. Yes Seattle did beat Minnesota in Seattle, that game could have easily gone the other way if it were played in the Metrodome. Anyway, both teams beat SF at home while SF beat Seattle in Candlestick once as well.

It also isn't fair to compare the three teams "momentum" from last season to this season if the media wants to discredit Minnesota's "momentum" from last season. Seattle and Minnesota both finished their regular season on a winning streak, Minnesota at 4 and Seattle at 5. While SF finished their last 5 games 3-2. But we all know how each team fared in the postseason. Unfortunately Minnesota looked terrible in the playoffs without their starting QB. Who knows what could have happened that game against GB in the wild card matchup if we had our starting QB.

Regardless, moving onto the main point. Did you know that Seattle had an offense that ranked 27th in passing yards, not too far behind Minnesota at 31st. Oh and SF ranked 23rd, while Jacksonville (the team tied with the worst record last season) ranked above all 3 teams at 21st. So you have to pass for tons of yards to succeed in this league right? I'm not comparing QB's from any of the teams, just showing how well each of their respective offenses did passing the ball in terms of yardage. On the other hand Minnesota finished 2nd in the league in rushing, Seattle at 3rd, and SF at 4th. Look how similar the Vikings, 49ers, and Seahawks are in terms of passing and running offenses. Even defensively, SF was ranked at 4 while Seattle had a run defense ranked at 10 last season. Where was Minnesota? Right at 11. Yes there isn't a perfect similarity between all three, but you can see some similarities.

Now lets look at the big difference between the two teams. In terms of yardage in pass defense, the Vikings were ranked at 24. Seattle and SF? 6 and 4, respectively.

Instead of all this pressure on Ponder and how he has to improve, we should probably pay close attention to see how our DB's and Secondary improve this training camp. The secondary is huge for the Vikings especially in the pass happy division of the NFC North. If the Vikings can boost their pass defense to around the rankings of the Seahawks and 49ers rankings, could the Vikings be as good or even better and reach the superbowl like SF did last year?

Don't get me wrong of course Ponder has to improve for the Vikings to succeed, but the secondary is just as important for the Vikings' success.

This FanPost was created by a registered user of The Daily Norseman, and does not necessarily reflect the views of the staff of the site. However, since this is a community, that view is no less important.

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