Josh Freeman in Purple?

As I was watching ESPN re-runs of Johnny Football, Tim Tebow, Floyd Money blah blah blah blah I came to wonder what/if who could the Vikings go after to help our beloved team succeed.

I have seen numerous "highlights" of how TBay is losing hope of Josh Freeman. Votes being riged to not be "captain", not being in a team photo ect....I though to myself.....slick Rick should get on the horn and give TB a 4th rounder for Freeman.

In the day an age of a "passing" league, where Drew Bree's is throwing the ball for 5000+ yards, we face Aaron Rodgers twice a year if not more, Stafford connecting with Megatron 100000+ times a game, and the moody Jay Cutler playing for the Bears, I thought to myself, Man our QB BLOWS!

So lets look at some stats for Freeman:

2009-1857 (10 games) and 10 TD's

2010-3451 yards and 25 TD's-----does Ponder even have 25td's.?????

2011-3592 yards and 16 TD's

2012-4065 yards 27 TD's

Ponder stats:

2011--1853 yards (11 games) and 13 TD's

2012--2935 yards and 18 TD's (so yes by year 2 Ponder has as many TD's as Freeman did in year)


My thinking is that Minnesota is wasting the PRIME YEARS of AP w/ such a terrible QB at helm with Ponder. Listen. I am not a Ponder hater but I am getting really tired of the "lets wait and let him learn" phrase. Now I'm not saying he is any Andrew Luck, RG III, or even a Russell Wilson, but he is not our QBOTF. I want a QB that can manage the game, not look like a damn deer in headlights look, and throw floaters all day long.

Frustration is setting in for myself. Jared Allen, Harrison Smith, Chad Greenway, Brian Robison, Greg Jennings, Kyle Rudolph, Blair Walsh, Adrain Peterson, Matt Kahlil, Sullivan are all names that 1. Are not getting any younger and 2. Could be if they are not already PRO-BOWLERS.

With TBay falling "out of love" with Josh Freeman, I say we send TBay a 4th rounder or a 5th and Toby Gerhart for Freeman. Dude can sling the ball. Freeman can sling the ball (see our game vs him last year). Freeman CAN scare the opposing D with a chance to take a shot downfield.

Now it may be a but early and I realize this to call up TBay and tell them we want their QB. Wait till Freeman loses his job to Glennon. Then we pounce. One mans lose is another's mans gain.

I'm ready to call Ponder a "miss" from our Draft. But with the #12 pick we should not be sitting here 3 years later asking ourselves "Is Ponder a Quarterback of the Future". #12 pick people. Yes! It should of been a sure thing. I realize drafts are all about hope the pick pans out, but in my eyes it was a complete reach the day he was drafted.

Locker and Gabbert were indeed taken before Ponder, however, they are on theTitans and the Jag's for F sake!!! They don't have the MVP of football. They don't have Kyle Rudolph, Greg Jennings, CP84, Matt Kalil, John Sullivan....I could go on forever.....


We should not be sitting here 3 years later wondering if Ponder is our QB of the Future. He in my eyes will make a great backup on our team. Not a starter. Cut ones loses and move on....

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