There's Got to be a Morning After

"There’s got to be a morning after, if we can hold on through the night." – Ali Kasha and Joel Hirshman, Theme from The Poisidon Adventure - 1972

Happy New Year!!!

Momma told me not to come. She said a cruise line ain't the way to have fun. No!

Sure, I know what various people are saying: We have to kill Leslie Neilsen for crashing the ship into a monster wave, followed by way too much screaming and yelling and people careening off tables and shards of busted glass. Hey,can we get some more flaming explosions over here? If only Ponder had tied his shoes for fifteen seconds longer, the Vikings would have won. Get the firing squad. Every team that fires people immediately improves! Trade Toby to Siberia because I’ve got this cousin there who can fix this problem at quarterback. I’m sure Putin will make the deal. Look how helpful he is in the Middle East. It’s enough to make you want to slap Ernest Borgnine.

The disaster movie script is more than vaguely familiar.

Actually, the best party I ever attended was after my roommate’s team had lost the intramural college basketball tourney final in triple overtime by a shot at the buzzer. They had already bought all that beer for the victory party, and when you lose like that, many people want to exit reality. I remember people were doing stuff in the darkened shrubbery outside the complex. I never learned who all was in there.

I apologize. I walked home in the darkness through a park singing very loudly. I remember the morning after, too. It was scheduled to be on a Sunday, and we decided just not to have it while we were in a state of consciousness.

Please: do as I say, not as I do. Monday came, and we had to go to class.

As surely as there was a December 8th and a September 12th, there’s got to be a morning after.

So what did I see on September 15, 2013???.

Patterson can fly.

Ponder did not fall apart after he threw the pick six; he may have noticed throwing picks to both Williams and Smith did not stop Cutler and simply guarantee defeat.

Robison does not need GPS to reach the end zone.

Jennings was the team’s leading receiver.

Adrian Peterson ran for 100 yards.

Guion stole the ball from Forte in a way that was the funniest thing I’ve seen since the rabbit bit the knight’s head off in Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

This stuff is all useful. Keep your eyes on the prize.

Tim the Enchanter warned us. The runes in the cave said there’d be days like this. The job at hand is to learn from them, not panic.

Forget about koolaid. This is not a commercial for that. When you get lemons, you make lemonade. The lemonade in this context is called a sense of urgency. It’s not a drink for much later. Wake up call. This now is the stretch run. In Florida, they call it Gatorade. It’s probably better than whatever you’re drinking, even if only a trade got rid of Sir Percival’s headaches (from my perspective).

I once was a miler, and I never began to worry until the ¾ mile mark. A mile is just long enough that there is a lot of psychology involved. It’s not until that last lap that we find out who is real and who is not. I used to enjoy being the guy other runners had left for dead. Bring out your dead. Zombies scare people. They see you again and do a double take.

A sense of urgency is a horse of a much different color than worry. It appears the Vikes have a sense of urgency.

Sure, I know. The whole race will be over in about four minutes, but I never panicked in the first lap, even if I noticed my shoe was untied.

Persistence is required. Zen masters will point out to you that you may think the rock is hard and the water is soft. Time proves it is the rock which gives way through the persistence of the water.

Of course, Zen masters also note that to get some people to enlightenment is often facilitated by beating them with sticks, especially the ones who scream.

For God’s sake stop screaming. After all, Belle dies from a heart attack, not drowning.

No horses were ridden in the production of this blog.

We now return control of your screen to you.

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