Vike's played a damn good game let's hear it for the boys.

Ok so crying, whining, gnashing of teeth. I think I've had enough of it. So this is going to be what the Vikings did well yesterday. And truth be told there was quite a bit to be happy about for our purple clad team on Sunday. First, our defensive line. Guion? The man the myth the legend pulling that ball out of Fortes hands was truly a great thing to see out of a man no one and I mean no one thought would have a high light. Good job big man this bud's for you.

Sticking with the D Line, Robison, we didn't get a ton of sacks on Sunday but Robison had a couple hits on Cutler anyway. Wish he'd hit him with the ball, but any time you can lay a lick on Cutler an Angel gets their wings. Talking about sacks, Jared Allen makes up for not getting a ton of them by getting a great one when it mattered. Got the ball out of his hands and we got to see a (relatively) fat man book it down the side line for 6. Man there was no way I thought Robison had the wheels for that run, hell I don't even think Robison thought he could do it! Great job both of you combining for the TD!

Oh and anyone see that great tip when the Bears were looking to score? Holy hell we got a DT with an interception! Ha Cutler! Throwing ints sucks but throwing it to a 300 pound lineman has to be insult to injury. Nothing like the camera flashing to the metro Marlboro man with a face full of sulk after that play.

Oh and how on earth can we forget the blazing start we had? Patterson looked like a man on fire, throwing on the afterburners and leaving everyone else behind. Between him and AD last game I fully expect us to put up 7 in the first 20 seconds of our first possession every game from now on.

How about that TD to Rudolph? Didn't see it?! Neither did I! And that goes to another positive, at least our special teams were the worst thing in that stadium. Hello people it's a football game, maybe you want to check and make sure you can actually film it and show all those pesky fans. Yep Soldier field about as competent as Lindsy Lohan being, well heck a human...

Next in nice news Peterson finally pulls a C note with his rushing. Keep it up big man at this rate you'll be breaking 200 yard games by midseason!

Let's hear it for Ponder! Ha who threw the most int's in this game?! Not our QB! WOOT! Also 7.6 average? Booyah! Speaking of Int's did you see that great one by Smith? Lured Cutler in thinking he had a TD and snatched it away! Hell yeah even Brandon Marshall looked shocked that he didn't get that ball. Suck it Marshall!

Last but not least that kicker that everyone loves, yep LOCKE! What kind of average kick did he pull out? 56.7 yards AVERAGE!!! hell yeah man that's the way to boom the ball!

Damn but the Vikes had some great plays on Sunday, with this kind of talent and this king of sheer awesomality how can we lose any more games this season!!!


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