Wow, you'd think we were the Jaguars or Bengals of old.

I was going to post this in Ted's stock report, but figured to put it out here instead.

I was reading the post's after I got back home from watching yesterdays game. I didn't get through a quarter of them before shaking my head in disgust and turning off my computer and finishing up some more bedroom reno.


So, why are people saying this is yet another one on Ponder? Yeah, and I agree with Ted's post, he had a shaky 1st half. Looked pretty close to lights out in the 2nd. People last week made the excuse that his long passes had to be corrected by the WR's. Though with any other QB, that pass would have been "Put out there" for the WR to get. Well, sorry, he was on the nose on more then a few long passes, so don't give me that excuse. It is getting old with all the Ponder this, Ponder that crap that goes on here daily. And this thread seem's to be the start of perhaps some backlash about that. He's the QB this season, get over it. Cassel is NOT better, and there is no one available out there that is. "But, we should have gone after Luck". Really? Please explain the logic of that especially when the Colts' Irsay stated that they were going to go after Luck and were not trading out of the 1st pick of the draft. Well, we could have gone after RGIII!!!!! Yeah, anyone seen him play this year so far? All Day looked like a God after coming back from his injury. If some of the people have a problem with Ponder, they would be having a problem with RG as well. He looks nothing like he was last year and could, I said COULD, become a "one and done" player. But still, Ponder sucks, we should have gotten Luck or RGIII..............


Play calling was better this game then the Lions game. Yeah, I am a little befuddled about the selection of the plays leading up to 4th and goal. But guess what, we were there, and we where consistently in this game whether it was an offensive drive or a defensive play to get us the ball back. Yet people are still screaming and carrying on about how bad we played? Or how the Offense couldn't completely carry the game on their backs? If this was the 49ers (any week but this one mind you), or New England or so on, it would have been deemed a team effort. But here, in Vikings land, nope, the offense sucks and it's all Ponders fault. Now, back to said 4th down play. So, Frazier went with the field goal. Ok, Many good and former legendary coaches have done the same thing. But yet, the way the reactions were, that was a crappy call and the coaching staff should be summarily shot for settling for 3 points. Yet, I guarantee the same whiners going on about 3 points would also be wanting to crucify Frazier and company for going for it on 4th and goal if they had done so and turned the ball over on downs. As for the prevent D, statistically, it does work......for any team not named the Vikings. We could have done a little different, but when alot of good Defensive Coordinators do it, what a great job, we do it, D Coordinators Sucks. Wow, writing this and mocking the anti this, anti that crowd and the way they talk makes me realize they are more predictable then any Musgrave game plan. Now, did anyone catch the play were Ponder "gasp" called an audible, an actual play? How dare he! Ponder sucks, Only Manning should be allowed! Oh, and that heads up play when Ponder lost his intended target, he ran for a 1st down. Only Tarkenton is allowed to do that in a Vikings uniform. Why? Because, Ponder sucks!!!!!! Guy's, see how old this is getting? Oh wait, never mind, some people can't see, or don't have the ability to because, we have to keep saying, Ponder Sucks...................


So, we are an inconstant team? Let's see, we are rebuilding through the draft, plugging holes where we can, cut Winfield who was probably losing a few steps last year as well as a few other veterans and we are 0-2 so far this season. Anyone not see a correlation? But I know, It's Ponders fault, he sucks. No wait Musgrave, screw you it's Ponder, F-Off it's Musgraves fault, blah, blah, whine, whine. Oh, keep in mind, we have the 10th toughest schedule this year. But you know, with all that, and fans like me who state going 6-10 is more likely what is going to happen this year, no wonder why this team settles for "mediocrity". Shame on me, and oh, it's Ponders fault. To these people who think this, what are their thoughts on next season? Good chance Jared Allen will be gone (though I pray to God we keep him), and we have a few more good players towards the end of their primes that are more then likely to be moving on. So more players we have to draft to replace. And given the division we are in, we can expect the same top 10 toughest schedule. God, I hate to see what the whining will be next year with even more rookies on board. But yes, Ponder sucks, coaching sucks, I suck, so let's get the lynch mob's going.


Some are still going on and on about how it's time to dump Frazier and company. They suck (really informative there), they are incompetent and whine whine whine. So, a coaching staff that took a team from a rather embarrassing loss last week to keeping things very winnable right up to the last 10 seconds against a team alot have picked to compete for the North crown this year is incompetence? I guess a last second victory would have been the same too since the team had to fight from behind, and oh yeah, Ponder sucks because he couldn't keep the Vikings out front too, right? I thought that's what a coaching staff, especially a competent one is supposed to do? Take a team, bring them up and focus on making things better for the next week? Isn't this the same "incompetent staff" that took a team last season, with 4 games left, from 6-6 and on the brink of elimination to a 4 game winning streak, including two victories against 2 teams heavily favored as Superbowl contestants, and made the playoffs with same said QB (Ponder sucks)? Not to mention from 3-13 the year before (Oh, Frazier did makes some coaching adjustments after that season) to 10-6, and while everyone had us at 3-13 to 5-11 as well. Of course, it was suggested to me, and quite laughably at that, that Lovie Smith would do better. Yeah, he is so good that after leading his team to a mid season record of 7-1, he overachieved and finished the season at 10-6, behind our "incompetent staff"! And the Bears thought he was so good, they decided to give him a year break, as well as their GM. Yeah, he would be so much better. But yes, I'm a pathetic fan who wants us to be stuck in "mediocrity" while Lovie Smith would certainly put us over the hurdle..............


Bill Cowher? Yeah right. He's been offered by several teams and for a ton of money. He is happy right where he is. Highly unlikely he comes back to coaching and no chance he comes here. Right now, not much is out there other then well known rehashes. College? Yeah, and watch the same people blow up over that suggestion too.

Some are suggesting, and I just think it's absurd, we tank the season so we can, or try to get the lowest pick this season. Why, So we can attempt to get a new QB. Sure, problem is, Jacksonville, Cleveland, Carolina and Tampa Bay are looking like they are going to be right there, or even worse then we could if we "tanked" the season. Not to mention, I bet the NFL would take serious issue with that and look into things if that happened. Yeah, and lose a few drafts picks after it's found we tanked the season as punishment. Oh, let's not count out the Jets, Steelers and maybe the Redskins too if they keep playing the way they do. Sorry, but even if we were that stupid to tank a season, there is still no guarantee we get a QB if we have too. And I have to say, the suggestion of doing that is tantamount to this...........


Finally, we have the QB we have. Like it or not. Could that change after this year, sure, but guess what. We have to trade up to get there no matter what. Which means, less ability to plug holes via the draft in positions that are much more needed. Did Musgrave make some questionable play calls during yesterdays game, yes, but he seems to be opening the book more and more (though slowly) in regards to Ponder. Could have Frazier said go for it on 4th down? Sure, but damned if you do, damned if you don't. The same folks would still be saying he is a horrid coach no matter what he did. Because, that's all they can do. Like an old record being played with a skip, he (insert desired name) sucks, click, he sucks, click, he sucks, click........... Is this season going to be a long one, yes and no. There will probably be some roster tweaking on the Defensive side and probably O-line, but non on the QB side folks, get over it. Cassel will not be a challenge for Ponder. But you are going to see some improvement by the end of the season with tweaks on both sides of the ball. And yes, we are going to have a rough time, like now. And folks, next season is going to be the same. This team, while working it's way to there, is not a Super Bowl contender yet, not a consistent Playoff team yet, with many young players, and a newer coaching staff, all of whom are in their 1st go round of running a team, and this team that is about to become younger. But yeah, I'm a fan stuck on "mediocrity" because I see how things are being shaped for the long term, not the instant self gratification fan that wants the here and now it seems some want. It don't happen that way. We tried it in 2009, look at where that got us in the long run, it got us to this point.


Let the "you suck", "you idiot", "Ponder Lover", "Musgrave lover" post's begin by those who the now and have not thought what this team has been going through or will continue to go through the next few seasons.

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