2013 Power Rankings purely by the numbers...

I decided to crunch some numbers and come up with my own power rankings based purely on stats. "What numbers? We are barely out of the preseason." For those that are interested in how I came up with these rankings, I have broken it down for you below. Otherwise feel free to argue amongst yourselves in the comments section.

So...basically I ranked each team in three areas. Wins, Points for and points allowed from last seasons stats. I then took those numbers and divided them by 3 to get an average ranking. With those numbers I subtracted 1 point if the team had made the play-offs, another point if they had won their division, another if they had made the Superbowl and yet another for a Superbowl victory. I then went a step further and subtracted .5 points for each game won in this years preseason. In cases where teams had the same totals I used my better judgement. I know, not perfect by any means. Below are the results with each teams score via this formula.

1: (-.67) Denver 13-3 Tied for first place with Atlanta in the win column, the teams offense ranked 2nd in the NFL with 481 total points last season. Their defense showed up as well allowing only 281 points which is good for 4th best in the league.

2: (.50) New England 12-4 The team scored the most points in the league by far with 557. That is 76 pints ahead of 2nd place Denver. The defense placed 9th in the league in Points allowed. Oh yeah and TEBOW BABY!!!

3: (.83) San Fran 11-4-1 A tie hurt San Fran a bit in these rankings. But as you can see the top 3 are so close that it really would not have mattered much. San Fran's defense earned them 2nd place for least points allowed with 273. If Kaep shows up again this year we could see this team back in the Superbowl.

4: (1.33) Seattle 11-5 Seattle's incredible defense allowed only 245 points last season which is best in the league. Good luck with Percy and Antoine.....oh wait.

5: (2.33) Atlanta 13-3 Tied for 1st with wins, the Falcons have a top five defense and an offense that scored them 419 points which is good for 7th in the league.

6: (3.16) Houston 12-4 Top ten in both offense and defense numbers Houston only lost one away game this year.

7: (3.66) Baltimore 10-6 .500 on the road last season, the Ravens defense did not make the top ten while their offense was good for 10th place in points for. This team just wanted it more last season with an SB win. Just goes to show that anything can happen in the NFL.

8: (3.83) Green Bay 11-5 GB lost only one home game last year. Aaron Rodgers puts their offense in the top five just 4 points ahead of the Giants. Surprising that Rodgers was not hurt more often as the team sports a terrible O-line that gave up the most sacks in the league with 51.

9: (5.50) Cinncinatti 10-6 The team won only half their home games last season and still managed a 10-6 record. Stats are good for 9th in these rankings.

10: (6.00) Washington 10-6 The Redskins offense has them at 4th best in the NFL with 436 total points. Their defense is ranked an unimpressive 22nd in points allowed.

11: (6.66) Chicago 10-6 Meh....Bring it on.

12: (7.50) NY Giants 9-7 ......

13: (9.16) Minnesota 10-6 You know the story. If not, shame on you.

14: (11.33) Pittsburgh 8-8 Um London....yeah....

15: (11.33) Indy 11-5 .....

16: (12.16) New Orleans 7-9 Scoring the 3rd most points in the league (461) gets you no where when your defense allows nearly as many points from opposing teams. Their defense is ranked 31st in points allowed.

17: (12.66) Miami 7-9 Yawn....

18: (13.16) Carolina 7-9 Double yawn...

19: (13.83) Tampa 7-9 Hat-trick

20: (13.83) San Diego 7-9 Keep a close eye on your imaginary Gir........Oh NVM.

21: (14.00) Dallas 8-8 Mmmmmmm.......Cheerleaders.......

22: (15.16) St. Louis 7-8 .......

23: (15.83) Cleveland 5-11 ........

24: (16.50) Detroit 4-12 Two wins at home and two in the road. Not much else to say really. Some believe they are a threat in the division this year.

25: (17.16) NY Jetts 6-10 ......

26: (17.33) Buffalo 6-10 Any bets on who shuts down this blitz happy team first?

27: (17.50) Arizona 5-11 ......

28: (20.50) Tennessee 6-10 .....

29: (20.83) Oakland 4-12 Nothing new here. Good luck with Kluwe.....oh wait.

30: (21.66) Kansas City 2-14 Prove it.

31: (21.66) Philly 4-12 What happened guys?

32: (23.16) Jacksonville 2-14 Pew......just pew....

It is interesting to see how close the gaps are between some teams and the huge difference from first to last place. Not sure I agree on Kansas City being this low in the rankings but they did only win two games last year, scored the least points of any team with 211 AND ranked 25th in points allowed with 425. Not much good to be said from a stats POV.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy the rankings. SKOL VIKES!!

This FanPost was created by a registered user of The Daily Norseman, and does not necessarily reflect the views of the staff of the site. However, since this is a community, that view is no less important.

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