The Only Thing We Have to Fear is Tampa Bay Itself

In a bunker beneath Winter Park, Zygi congratulated Leslie. "Excellent!!" he grinned evilly. "Now all we have to fear is Tampa!"

"That's right, boss," Frazier beamed. "Christian understands the game plan now: We're going for 0-16. Those fools from the Mistake on the Lake did not even suspect our true objective is to draft Bridgewater. We can cross them of the list. Soon. we'll force the Steelers, the Giants and the Redskins to swallow the bitter taste of victory. Cleveland will catch on and try losing to Jacksonville come December, but by then it will be far too late. Only Tampa can stop us from our secret goal."

"What if we buy those cameras that Belichick had once and anonymously send Tampa Bay detailed practice videos of all their remaining opponents?" Zygi wondered aloud.

"Well now, I dont know...," Leslie said sheepishly.

Zygi tapped his phone. "Get Spielman in here." Then he turned back to Leslie. "Scouting is his baliwick; you just focus on losing games in such a convincing manner. Rick did a fine job clearing the number 5 jersey of McNabb and Kluwe."

"My pleasure, chief," Leslie assured him, "My pleasure! I'll get right on it.""

"Those stupid fans. Their booing helps us like nothing else. Little do they know we are following their own suggested idea to blow off the entire 2013 schedule and draft a quarterback for 2014 and beyond. They think it is all Ponder's fault, but actually, he's a hero in disguise, helping them. They have failed to realize that Ballard has convinced Ponder that football hurts way too much and that playing with your spouse is quite a lot more fun, if you quit throwing those uppercuts. Those two Christians are united and mingling well. What a dynamic duo! I'm sure they can straighten each other out, while taking sixteen for the team."

"Okay, then. I got that plane to London to catch, boss. The Steelers will never know what hit them. What Londoner could really dislike a guy named Big Ben, anyway?"

This FanPost was created by a registered user of The Daily Norseman, and does not necessarily reflect the views of the staff of the site. However, since this is a community, that view is no less important.

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