New Directions: 3-4 Defense and a More Dynamic Offense?

This is my first fan post.

Now, that being said, I have a lot to say.

First, Let me lay out my plan of attack. I'd like to see a new coaching regime come in and with it bring the 3-4 and a more dynamic offense to the table. Now I don't quite have specific coaches in mind yet, but I know what I want them to be like. For the offensive coordinator I'd like a guy thats got that mischievous twinkle in his eye. Every week is something fresh and hard to scheme for. Also, he is known as a "quarterback Whisperer". I want someone who doesn't necessarily call a lot of "trick plays" but uses unique plays to toy with and stay one step a head of the defense. Long story short: I want a smart and mischievous style of play caller with a knack for good quarterback play on our sideline. Not Bill "dive, dive, poorly executed deep pass" Musgrave.

As for the head coach I want a mean SOB. Les Frazier is a nice guy and his players like to play for him, but it looks like liking your coach gets you to 0-3. I don't like 0-3. If it takes a tough coach to get the best out of his guys so be it. I was thinking a Bill Cowher/Jon Gruden type. Just some one who can bring the fire to this team. If it means paying those guys the big money or giving an up and coming college coach a shot I'm all for it. We need to get tough.

The defense. Damn this defense. What are Vikings known for? Attacking, pillaging, stealing, raping(we can skip this one) and raiding. What do we mostly do? None of that, we "bend don't break". Now this year we have got the stealing part down with the turnovers, but we still aren't particularly aggressive. Our montra this year is "Bend Then Break but Get Moar Turnovers Along The Way". Not a particularly attractive scheme. So I believe We go out and get a 3-4 guru with a knack for attacking the other team. Make this Viking defense something to be feared.

Now Im sure someone out there is thinking "but...we don't have the personnel to pull off a dynamic offense or a 3-4 defense currently." I'd argue you're right, but also wrong. Sure we don't have a QB capable of true dynamics and we are missing a few pieces on defense but I'd argue we're closer than you think on both fronts.

As far as our offense goes, I believe we have an average (pushing above average) receiving core bursting with potential, and an average supposed to be above average offensive line; that is also bursting with potential. We add a topflight(ish) quarterback to that mix and you'll see the whole offense improve. Whether it be Bridgewater, Boyd, or Hundley with that high draft pick we're gonna have, or go grab Phillip Rivers from free agency we'll see improvement. Especially if we have a dynamic new offensive coordinator. Not to mention a generational player in AD. So with a better OC, a quarterback the likes of Bridgewater or Rivers, a receiving core of CP Flash, Greg "put da team on my back doe" Jennings, Jarius "I'll have a nickname soon" Wright, Kyle Rudolph the touchdown reindeer, and maybe even Greg "I'll be back" Childs, the great Adrian Peterson and an offensive line that gets its but kicked by the tough new HC I'd argue will be a dynamic offense.

So I laid out my plan for the Offense, how about that 3-4 D? I like the aggressive attack of the 3-4 and when I think of Vikings I think aggressive attack. Anyway, I'd shop J. Allen he's a great player and I've loved the guy since he came here in 08 but he doesn't fit my new scheme and is in the last year of his deal. I'd try and acquire some draft picks from trading him and Toby( I'll take anything for Toby). Spielman + excess draft picks = Good. Starting at the line of the 3-4: Floyd can play the 5 technique, draft daniel McCullers the 350 lb. NT from Tennessee in the early second round, grab another 3-4 defensive end in the third round, and Everson Griffen can play both stand up line backer and down end. At LB I'd play Griffen outside, Greenway and Bishop inside, and Hodges on the other side. When Griffen goes down to line bring Mauti in to the middle and kick Greenway or Bish outside. For our secondary I'd go get Jairus Byrd and pair him with Harrison for an awesome safety pair. Then I'd sign a free agent/draft a talented man corner to pair with X-Rhodes and keep Robinson and Cook for depth. Also spend the rest of our draft picks after the first round quarterback on defensive prospects (except maybe a guard).

If you have read this far you were probably interested in what I was writing. If so leave some comments I'd like to discuss the potential new directions the team could go. Tell me your plan, what was wrong with mine, or anything. Thanks for reading!

This FanPost was created by a registered user of The Daily Norseman, and does not necessarily reflect the views of the staff of the site. However, since this is a community, that view is no less important.

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