How about some "Love", as in Lovie Smith

Zero wins, three loses, a QB that shows up one out of every 6 games, and a defense that forgets to show up on Sundays or Thursdays, and occasionally on Mondays.

Here we are all bashing Ponder. Some are bashing Frazier. Musgrave, you say? Kick him over board. What about our D that has our beloved "Dirty Harry" and sack master Jared Allen? The NFL's leading tackler in Greenway and 1 part of the Williams Wall. Where and what have they been doing on Sundays besides allowing TD after TD? Well it's a factor of a lot of things, but mostly lack of veteran leadership and a coach that is not "willing to change."

Back in the good 'ol days, smash mouth, grind me out football was the real deal. Milk the clock, smash me till the bleed, feed your running back the rock kinda football. Well times have changed. I'm not sure if you have noticed but we currently have QB's in the league that are throwing the ball 35-40-45+ times a game. We have watched the NFL change and evolve. Has our coaches one ask? Just look at our record.

We currently are supporting (well some of us) a QB that is in his 3rd my eyes it's been 2 years to much. We currently have a OC that has been nick named "Vanilla Bill" that my child's highschool football coach could prob out coach. Last but not least, we have a coach that "is not willing to change". Not willing to accept that fact that our D is non-existent. Our OC might as well broadcast his play book on national tv and our offensive line has more holes then Swiss cheese at the moment.

This brings me to Lovie Smith. He was "let go" with a 10-6 season under his belt. Sure he was a players coach, sure he may of had a few questionable seasons under his regimen, but how many times under Lovie did dare I say "da bears" have a Defense that scared us? How many times did we go into Soilder Field and win? Oh, we didn't. How many times did Lovie put together seasons where they were contenders? if you don't remember, look them up.

Lovie should be brought in as a D coordinator with the hopes of maybe replacing Frazier or being a assistant Coach. He could bring sting to our D again, and bring a W in our record column.

Let me me hear what you have to say. We all blame Ponder on not winning us games (I'm in full support of kicking him to the curb) but our D has been non-existent this year.

We we can't win games in shoot outs. We are not built for that and nor do we have the coaches to call plays for that. In summary....we have been out coached 3 of 3 games.

Lets bring in some "Love" as in Lovie Smith

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