.....2013-2014 Season..... First Quarter Predictions


The weather may not show it, but a new season of NFL football is upon us! The Minnesota Vikings are gearing up for their first game on Sunday, September 8th on the road against division rivals, Detroit Lions.

Now is the time for predictions, and more predictions, and guarantees, and friendly (and not so friendly) wagers. The "Front-Running" fans are donning a jersey of their "new" favorite team. The "Experts" have submitted their predictions, always looking forward-with their blinders firmly in place.

And then, sitting in a small corner of the "Football World" is the Minnesota Vikings. Once again our favorite team is an underdog, a non-factor, an afterthought in football mainstream chatter. What does it mean? Absolutely nothing.

The season will unfold revealing unexpected twists in the "Prediction Script" like they do every year. Yes there are the favorites, but anyone can predict that. It's the unexpected twists that happen every NFL season that gives every team a ray of hope as the season commences, and typically, as the season progresses, results in many pundits admitting "I didn't see that one coming."

Here is to a new football season, may our Vikings be the team they didn't see coming! SKOL Vikings!

Here are my predictions for the first four games:

Minnesota at Detroit

If Musgrave is smart, he will have the Ponder to Jennings connection high on his priority list. What better way for Ponder to gain confidence than to have a big first game-It makes sense anyway. This game should boast more offense than defense. Look for Vikings to continue their winning ways against Detroit in a close game.

Vikings 27 Lions 24

Minnesota at Chicago

The Bears have been dominant at home when playing the Vikings. Actually, it's been brutal for the team in purple. In baseball, sometimes a coach has a feeling about a particular player that has been in a slump and decides to play him. Many times that player responds in a big way for his team. When asked why he decided to put said player in the lineup, the coach would reply "He was due." I'm here to tell you, the Vikings are due.

Vikings 20 Bears 16

Cleveland at Minnesota

The Vikings finally get their first home game of the season as the Browns come to town. Classified as another "Snake-bit" team the Browns have shown improvement, but it won't be enough. I look for the Vikings to dominate this game early on defense, and finish strong on offense in the second half. The final season of the Metrodome has begun. The home crowd, gets treated to a great game.

Vikings 31 Browns 13

Pittsburgh at Minnesota in London

Since this is considered a home game, the Vikes need to play like they are home, get the crowd behind them and beat their AFC opponent. Plus Frazier needs to beat Tomlin! I can read the headlines now...Big Ben gets his bell rung as the Vikings pound the Steelers. Peterson will run wild in this one, and the Vikings will fly home victorious.

Vikings 26 Steelers 14

First Quarter Prediction: 4-0

Christian Ponder photo by Gary Wiepert

OK fellow bloggers-chime in. What's your prediction?

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