Where are your favorite seats at a live football game?

"On the couch." I get it, but you're not funny. And you didn't read the title, so your right to comment has been denied.

I'm curious where everyone likes to sit when they attend games. There are a few locations I really like, but can't really decide which is my favorite between them.

We'd all love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

The Analyst - Upper level, behind the field goal posts - Clearly the closer to "front and center" the better. I love being able to see the field and watch the running and passing lanes open in real-time. It reminds me of playing Madden online.

The Conservative - Lower level, 50-yard line - This is the risk-averse seating preference. Since most of football is played between the 20's, you're almost always near the action. It's pretty difficult to see lanes, and you're not "in the action" at the goal lines.

The Thrill Seeker - Lower level, near the end zone - Whether you're behind the end zone or to the side of it, you're watching most of the game with your fingers crossed for those few intense moments where you, and everyone around you, is a true part of the game and yelling to the high heavens.

The Spectator - Lower level, corners of the stadium - You're in the action, you don't see lanes opening up, and it's hit-and-miss whether you're close to the action or not. An easy place to sit with your family and just be present.

The Attendee - Upper level, corners of the stadium - Not the best seats in house, but that's ok. The closer seats aren't worth the money, and just being there live is the goal anyway. Besides, more money for beer and Pit BBQ!

The Non-Compromiser - Upper level, 50-yard line - A great birds-eye view of the game, where you can see all of the action, and are rarely far away form it. While you still get a good feel for the running and passing lanes opening up, they are slightly more difficult to see.

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