Skuls Mock Offseason Part 2 (Cuts)

Its time for the Vikings to trim some of the fat. Certain players have not been living up to their contracts, and a few of them should trimmed in order for the Vikings to turn the corner, and all for superior talent to play and get paid.

Letroy Guion - I am not sure how he has remained on the Vikings roster this long. I wouldn't call him a disappointment or anything along those lines. He is what he is. And he is a 5th round draft pick that plays like a late round draft pick. He is not impressive and is not worth his contract. The Vikings can save 4 million of the 4.3 million left on his contract.

Erin Henderson- I am not one to judge generally but it is pretty evident Erin has a problem. One DUI is bad, two DUI's shows no remorse and/or understanding of their predicament. And 2 DUI's within 6 weeks is just plain scary dumb. He needs to be let go asap. The Vikings will save 2 million of the 2.25 million left on his contract. I hope he gets the help he needs.

John Carlson- I do not want to cut Carlson as I believe he just started to show some value. However, I think there is some speculation that he might retire. With that we will be able to save the entire 5 million on his contract for this year.

With Letroy and Erin released and Carlson retired the Vikings cap number should be in the area of 90 million

That would leave us roughly 36 million to spend in FA and signing draft picks.

Estimated FA Signinngs (from part 1):

Marcus Sherels: 730,000 (based on league minimum) 1yr 730,000

Chris Cook: 3 million (based on 2013 Terrence Newman Contract) 2yr 5million

Desmond Bishop: 1.5 million (based on his same contract last year) 1yr 1.5million

Joe Webb: 730,000 (based on league minimum) 1yr 730,000

J'Marcus Webb: 1.2 million (based on 2013 Willie Colon contract with Jets) 1yr 1.2million

Taylor Mays: 1 million (based on 2013 Yeremiah Bell contract with Cardinals) 1yr 1million

Alteraun Verner: 2.25 million (based on Keenan Lewis Contract with Saints) 5yr 26million

Vinnie Rey: 2.6 million (based on 2013 Rey Malualuga contract with Bengals) 2yr 6.5million

Terrence Cody: 1.45 million (based on 2013 Steve McLendon Contract with Steelers) 3yr 7.25million

Pat Sims: 2.7 million (based on 2013 Sammie Hill contract with Titans) 3yr 11.4million

Michael Johnson: 8.2 million (based one 2013 Paul Kruger contract with Browns) 5yr 41million

Total FA Contracts: 25.4 million

Before Rookie Signings: 115.4 million

And rookie signings should be a little over 6 million for the 8th pick plus an additional 3rd round pick. Thus leaving us around 4 million under the cap.

This FanPost was created by a registered user of The Daily Norseman, and does not necessarily reflect the views of the staff of the site. However, since this is a community, that view is no less important.

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