Skuls Mock Offseason Part 3 (The Draft)

Skuls Mock Offseason Part 1

Skuls Mock Offseason Part 2

Draft Time

8. Blake Bortles QB

-A new coaching staff will generally bring about a new QB. And usually early. I am not a big fan of this pick, but he would be a fit for Norv Turner. People have been jumping on the Bortles band wagon for the past two months. And I feel his stock is a little inflated because of the hype. Overall not the worst pick in the world, but I think his true value as a prospect is at the end of the first round and the begininng of the second.

40. Ryan Shazier LB

-Solid LB. Has the athleticism and the ability to excel in the NFL. He is a hard worker and has a good head on his shoulders. He could be an early contributor and will make the Vikings forget all about Marvin Mitchell...oh wait nobody but us die hard fans probably ever heard of the guy.

72. Daniel McCullers NT

- With the departure of 3 out of 4 of our DT's we will need to bring in bodies via free agency and the draft. McCullers is a giant of a man. He would be the first prototypical NT to play since the departure of Pat Williams. McCullers is raw and if coached up and developed he could become something special.

96. Kareem Martin DE

-Martin is an excellent DE prospect. He has an ideal frame for a DE, and looks that he can put on another 20 lbs. With Griffen gone, we will need a rotational DE and he would be a good prospect for that position.

104. Andre Williams RB

-With the departure of Tobey Gerhart the Vikings will need a new RB. I am unsure if Andre Williams will fall this far, but there is an excellent chance he does. He would be a steal at this spot.

136. Andrew Jackson LB

- Jackson is a beast. He is a small school prospect that could become a big time player. He is a hard nosed old school type of LB. He flows fairly well, fills holes instinctively, and brings the wood. I am unsure of his ability to be a three down linebacker, but he has a load of potential and could be a steal in this draft.

168. Brandon Linder G

- I do not know much about Linder. He played well at Miami and has nice size and was second team ACC. I believe he could develop into a quality OG.

200. James White RB

- A solid RB out of Wisconsin. He has good speed and good hands. There is not a lot of wear and tear on him compared to most Wisconsin RB's coming out, because he was stuck behind Montee Ball his first 3 years and then Melvin Gordon came in and overshadowed him. All in all he is a good value pick and is superior to Asiata, and Banyard.


QB: Bortles; Cassel; Ponder

RB: Peterson; Williams; White

FB: Felton

TE: Rudolph; Ellison; Ford

WR: Jennings; Patterson; Wright; Childs; Webb

LT: Kalil; Remmers

LG: Baca; Linder

C: Sullivan; Berger

RG: Fusco;

RT: Loadholt; Webb


LDE: Robison, Martin

RDE: Johnson, Trattou

DT: Floyd; Sims

NT: Cody; McCullers

SLB: Greenway; Bishop; Cole

MLB: Rey; Mauti: Jackson

WLB: Shazier; Hodges

LCB: Rhodes; Prater; Sherels

RCB: Verner; Cook; Robinson;

SS: Smith; Sendejo

FS: Sanford; Mays


K: Walsh

P: Locke

LS: Loeffler

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