The 8th pick of the NFL draft is....probably not Carr

Hi, first post but hear me out. Just a little over 3 years ago, Leslie Frazier, if memory serves me, repeatedly expressed his desire to obtain a QBOTF in the 2011 draft. NFL pundits universally pegged the Vikings to select their QBOTF with the 12th pick of the 2011 draft.

Frazier fell in love with Ponder, who was selected MVP of the Senior bowl. Still, the prevailing wisdom of draft gurus had the Vikings targeting Locker. But, Locker ended up being drafted by the Titans just ahead of the Vikings slot. The Vikings then selected Ponder, who was considered by some to be a major reach at the 12th pick. He was the 4th qb selected in the top 12 picks and many mock drafts and Top 100 rankings had Ponder a 2nd or even 3rd round draft pick.

The Wilfs, it seems, were/are sensitive to the residual negative commentary about that selection, our Ponder. Any question about this, and Leslie's involvement in the pick, should be answered when the Wilfs dissolved the TOA after Ponder's rookie season.

It seems Leslie had no choice but to prove that Ponder would end up being the QBOTF. Still, the prevailing wisdom of NFL analysts continued to be that the Vikings panicked and reached for Ponder, who needed their Qb. Over the course of the next couple of years, most analyst,s and fans alike, could see that Ponder was not, whatever, Frazier saw in him. Even after the 2012 season, very few couldn't see the deficiency in the Vikings Qb position. And, RS stepped in with Cassel.

It's not a stretch to say that this could very well be the reason for the Vikings not extending Frazier's contract even after the playoff season.. But, by the 3rd game of the 2013 campaign, the FO and/or ownership had enough and tried bringing in Freeman. I tend to think that both the FO and the Wilfs had long since given up on Ponders progress. Frazier, it seems, clung to proving Ponder would come thru and it may have been his only reprieve.

Having Freeman play on MNF with only a few practices is passive aggressive if I've ever seen it. It was to prove a point. He had Freeman throw 53 times. Come on! Frazier threw him under the bus! So, this gave him the cover to right back to Ponder. While this is conjecture, the rest is history.

Now, 3 years after that fateful pick, the Vikes find themselves with the possibility of once again taking 4th QB off the board with the 8th pick. I find it hard to believe that either RS, or the owners, want to put themselves in that situation again. While not as big a reach as most felt Ponder was, Carr will still be considered a reach. And, some believe Carr could be available with our 2nd pick.

Granted, this is before the Senior Bowl. It is before Carr may follow Ponder and be selected the Senior Bowl MVP. It's before the combine. And, a lot can happen before the draft in May. However, this post is not an attempt to critically compare Carr's and Ponder's on field exploits. I understand that Carr could very well fit with Norv's offense. Still...

If the Viking's find themselves at the 8th pick, with 3 quarterbacks already of the board, I can't help but believe they will do everything they can to move back. I recently saw a mock draft that had the Vikings trading back to the low 20's and receiving the teams 2nd pick also. This would give us a 1st round in the low 20's, 2-2nd's and 2-3rds. In that mock draft we selected a QB in the second.

I'm just saying... it's like de ja vu all over again. I think that's the biggest reason some fans say it would be Ponder 2.0. It really doesn't have anything to do with Carr. Or, whether or not, Carr is a QBOTF. He may well be. He may still be a Viking, but I don't think it will be with the 8th pick with 3 QB's selected in the first 7 picks. It would take some huge Cojones.

I can't help but think both the front office and the ownership, during those 15 minutes, would say..." I gotta a BBAAADD feeling about this...."

This FanPost was created by a registered user of The Daily Norseman, and does not necessarily reflect the views of the staff of the site. However, since this is a community, that view is no less important.

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