We didn't sign Mike Wallace and did trade Harvin, how did that work out, just ask Kluwe.

If Mike Wallace's father is correct in saying Wallace spurned the Vikings, good riddance. Wallace comes out and states he should have had 15-20 more touchdowns (he actually had like 5) this last season. Our own Randy Moss set the NFL record with a HOF QB throwing him the ball at 23 touchdowns in 2007. Signing a contract north of 60 million was a free agent signing the Vikings avoided. Wallace would have been a disaster with Ponder, Cassel, and Musgrave. Rumor has it Wallace is a vertical threat only which is a little disturbing. Who had the bright ideal that the Vikings would have a QB that could throw a deep ball this last season?

Then Kluwe throws another log on the fire by naming teammates that allegedly heard the Priefer language. I'm a little surprised the team didn't purge the story as we are in the process of changing out coaching staff. Someone involved within the Viking organization didn't want to go that route. It could be because they don't want it to look like Kluwe won when he pushed his agenda. It could be the brass thinks he is a good coach and wanted to retain him. So this story will be around until it is resolved one way or another stay tuned.

Harvin is going to the Super Bowl with the Seahawks and has a decent chance to pick up a Super Bowl ring before our own League MVP Adrian Peterson. It is a crock of shit but the older Viking fans saw this coming on February 21 of 2013 when Spielman went to the NFL's annual scouting combine and went public with this statement.

Spielman says he has no intent to deal the receiver he calls a "dynamic playmaker," and won't even take phone calls about it. He intends to keep all information about contract negotiations internal, too, as he describes.

Then on March 12th the report broke that Spielman had indeed traded the discontent Harvin. I didn't like the move at the time but I have adjusted and become a big fan of our rising star SuperFlash. Loyal Viking fans knew Harvin was in line to get a Super Bowl ring once he was traded. Brandon Bowner (Joey Browner's son), Sidney Rice (on IR), T-Jack, and Heath Farewell are all players with a Viking connection with a chance to get a ring next week, the new group of ex-Vikings to get their ring. Argh

A bit of information for the purple faithful, When Spielman goes on the record saying he supports you or will not trade you, he will most likely fire you or trade you

"Adrian’s not going anywhere," Spielman said in an interview that aired partially on Thursday’s Pro Football Talk on NBCSN and in its entirety on Friday’s PFT Live. "He have him under contract, he is the face of our franchise, he is a blue-chip player, and we have a new coaching staff coming into place, and you know, [we're] very excited about what’s coming ahead for us."

Common sense always said Harvin could be dealt soon, and that Frazier's job was in jeopardy, and common sense also is a useful barometer in the Peterson situation.

It isn't just the Vikings fans feeling this type of thing Past Prime Time Deion Sanders and Chuck Pagano are going to start Luck over Newton in the Pro Bowl even with Newton receiving more votes. We are just a couple of weeks into our off season and the stories keep developing. We have a new coach that looks like a real positive and we look to have made the correct free agent deal by signing Jennings.



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