Malte's offseason plan

Malte's offseason plan version 1.0

First off I would like to apologize if I somehow misspell or make any grammatical mistake as english isn't my first language. I hope this read won't be to long, but I will go through both free agency and the draft.

I will start this offseason plan by looking at free agency. First off who we will try to retain of our own guys, and looking around the league about some guys I would like to sign in free agency. After that I there are some guys I would either cut or ask them to take a pay cut. I'm not very good at cap numbers, or setting up deals for free agents, so these details will be left out, however, if I'm badly over the cap, then let me know about it.

Atleast I will look at the draft. There might be some trades, and who knows how they are going down, but this will most certanly not be what happens in the offseason, but it's how I've decieded to let things go down in my offseason plan. This is also a different kind of offseason plan, with some bold trades. (again it will certantly not happen, and I doubt I would do it even if I were a GM, but for the fun of it, I've included them).

Own free agents:

Josh Freeman, QB
Toby Gerhart, RB
Jerome Simpson, WR
Joe Webb, WR
J'Marcus Webb, OL
Charlie Johnson, OL
Joe Berger, OL
Jared Allen, DE
Everson Griffen, DE
Fred Evans, DT
Kevin Williams, DT
Marvin Mitchell, LB
Desmond Bishop, LB
Chris Cook, CB

First of there are some guys I would resign if the deals are cheap / close to league minimum. If they demand to much I'll let them go. Many of these guys are simply brought on to compete for a spot on the team, and if they're cut no loss. There will be no guarantess in their contracts.

Chris Cook, CB. (league minimum)

Fred Evans, DT. (low price, affordable for a decent backup)

Joe Berger, G. (low price, affordable for a decent backup)

I think it will be possible to sign Cook, Berger and Evans to cheap deals. I would have liked to retain J' Marcus Webb also, but I think he will be to expencive. The rest of the guys I would let go and test free agency.

I would also retain Marcus Sherels, but he isn't a free agents, so we can just give him a 6th or 7th round tender.

The big signings amongst our own.

Everson Griffen.

I would sige him for about 4 years, a deal similair to Robison, but maybe a little better, since he has some leverage. In this plan I'm assuming Griffen accecpts the deal.He would be the starting right end and will properly receive a better deal than he has proven worth so far, but I think he one of the best choices in the free agency class.

The big surprise will be Toby Gerhart.

I want to resign him to a starter type deal for 4 years. He would be getting a good deal, but around the avarage starter money, but way lower than any of the top 10 running backs out there, as he still has a lot to prove. Now many of you are wondering why he would accecpt that offer to be a backup, but he won't because...

Trade Adrian Peterson.

Yes I know this is a very unpopular choice, and I felt really bad about doing it, since he is so exciting to watch, however now it's done in this particular plan. There have been many suggestion as to what he would bring in a possible trade, in this plan he nets us a 1st round draft pick and a 5th round pick in 2014 and a 3rd round pick in 2015. This leave us thin at the RB position for once, and Toby Gerhart is now the front runner amongst the group of RB in Minnesota.

Also vikings were able to trade C. Ponder (WUHU) to Chiefs for their 7th round pick.

Free agents signings:

There are some RB in this class worth signing, however with Toby Gerhart allready resigned, it's much money to put into one position. Therefore I would like to sign an underrated underused RB.

Some of the options is: Ben Tate, Donald Brown and Anthony Dixon.

I've chosen to sign Anthony Dixon to a 2-3 year deal. I think he is very underrated and has been used very little in San Francisco. They also have another back on IR ready for next year, so I doubt they will fight hard to retain Dixon.

I would like to sign a DT, defensive back, a linebacker and a WR.

The DT that is my biggest priority would be Linval Joseph, (age 25) I would like to sign him to a longer deal of 4-5 year since he is very young NFL player and still developing. I think he would fit right in as a starter next to Floyd.

At linebacker there are some guys I think that could fit. The main guy I would like to sign is Pat Angerer, from colts. I've also looked at Donald Brown or Jon Beason, but ended on Pat Angerer.

In this plan vikings sign Pat Angerer to a 3 year deal. He has played well with the colts as a MLB and I think he would fit right into vikings scheme. He is not the most flashy linebacker, but he is very solid.

At defensive back I would love if vikings could sign Jairus Byrd safety from Bills but I think he wants top dog money, so unfortunately we won't be able to land him, some of the other guys I've looked at is: A. Verner from Titans, T.J. Ward safety from Browns, Vontae Davis, Walter Thurmond, Cornerback from seahawks, and D.R. Cromatie from Broncos. Ward properly won't be avaliable as Browns has lots of cap space.

I havn't really looked at each teams cap situation, but I hope vikings will be able to sign Vontae Davis and they do in this plan to a 4 year deal.

I would like to sign Danario Alexander, former charger, who has been succesfull with Norv before, to a 2 year prove it kind of deal, in the range of 2.5 million.

The cap space that made room to signing these players came from: trading Adrian Peterson, John Carlson retiering (this plan assume he does) and from these cuts.

Chad Greenway, Erin Henderson and Letroy Guion. I think, besides Greenway, these guys have not don't enough to stay on the team. I would like Greenway to take a paycut instead of releasing him, but I doubt they will come to a fair agreement.

The draft.

Vikings have following picks since trading Adrian Peterson (it even hurts to write it) for a 1st round and 5th round pick in 2014 and a 3rd in 2015. And pick #215 from trading ponder to the chiefs.

# 8,#19 (dolphins pick from peterson), #40, 2nd round, #72 3rd round own, #95/96 3rd round (from seahawks), #104 4th round, #136 5h round own, #147, 5th round (from dolphins), #168 6th round, #200 7th round and #215 7th round (from chiefs) .

Prior to vikings pick at nr 8 these players have been picked (not in order), T. Bridgewater, J. Clowney, J. Manziel, K. Mack, J. Matthews, A. Barr and D. Carr.

Vikings have several options, but instead of picking a guy they trade down with Detroit Lions, (with pick #10) and optained their 3rd round (#74). Lions select S. Watkins.

Bills select G. Robinson (OT). and vikings are on the clock again.

pick #10: Vikings select Blake Bortles, QB, UCF. Scouting report on him from CBSsports.

pick #19 from Dolphins, Vikings select C.J. Mosley, ILB Alabama. Scouting report on him from CBSsports:

pick #40, 2nd round: Calvin Pryor, FS, Louisville, Scouting report on him from CBSsports.

Own pick #72, 3rd round: Gabe Jackson, OG, Mississippi State. Scouting report on him from Cbssports.

Lions pick #74, 3rd round: Stanley Jean-Baptiste, CB, Nebraska. Scouting report on him from Cbssports.

Vikings trade their 3rd round pick from seahawks to titans for their 2015 3rd round and 2015 5th draft pick.

pick #104, 4th round: Michael Sam, DE, Missouri, Scouting report on him from Cbssports.

vikings own #136, 5th round. James White, RB, Wisconsin. Scouting report on him from Cbssports.

Vikings trade dolphins 5th round for a future 5th and 7th in 2015 from Colts.

pick #168, 6th round. Marcel jensen, TE, Fresno State. Scouting report on him from Cbssports.

pick #200, 7th round Deandre Coleman, DT, California. Scouting report on him from Cbssports.

pick from chiefs #215, 7th round Cornelius Lucas, OT, Kansas State. Scouting report on him from Cbssports.

It leaves vikings with a future 3rd, 2 x 5th and 7th along with their future 7th from seahawks in the 2015 draft.

Early look at vikings roster in 2014.


QBs. Matt Cassel, Blake Bortles, UDFA

RB. Toby Gerhart, Anthony Dixon, James White, Bradley Randle.

OT: Matt Kalil, Phil Loadholt, Cornelius Lucas

OG: Gabe Jackson, Brandon Fusco, Jeff Baca,

C: John Sullivan, Joe Berger,

TE: Kyle Rudolph, Rhett Ellison, Chase Ford/Marcel Jensen

FB: Jerome Felton

WR: Greg Jennings, Cordarrelle Patterson, Jarius Wright, Danario Alexander, Greg Childs, Rodney Smith.

total: 25 players.


DE: Brian Robison, Everson Griffen, Michael Sam, Justin Trattou

DT: Sharrif Floyd, Linval Joseph, Fred Evans, Deandre Coleman, Chase Baker

LB's: C. J. Mosley, Pat Angerer, Audie Cole, Michael Mauti, gerald Hodges, Larry Dean,

CB: Xavier Rhodes, Vontae Davis, Stanley Jean-baptiste, Marcus Sherels, Shaun Prater (Well Chris Cook got beat out)

S: Harrison Smith, Jamarca Sanford, Calvin Pryor, Andrew Sendejo, Robert blanton (in the CB mix as well).

total 25 players

Special teams:

K: Blair Walsh

P: Jeff Locke.

LS: Cullen Loeffler

total 3 players.

53 players totally.

Feedback is very welcome.

That was my offseason plan, with a very big twist. I will properly make another offseason plan without Adrian Peterson being traded, but this is just a version of the offseason plan I wanted to do, so don't dwell to much on Adrian Peterson being traded, but look at the complete work of this offseason plan, and feel free to criticize or come with suggestion or just your thoughts.

EDITS: Added a future fifth round pick for the 3rd round pick trade. Also put Marcel Jensen at the right position. If the TE are really good I could see the team leaving a DE off the roster or cut Bradley Randle.

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