Researched Mock Draft

This draft assumes no trades will be made.

Pick 1. HOU- Top needs- QB, OLB, RT. With a new head coach things are about to change for the Texans. This first pick is insane, and will need explanation, so please bare with me. The Texans coach Bill O’Brien is fresh from the college ranks where he got to sit on the sideline and watch some of these guys play. One guy who impressed him, and who is a great fit for his system is Blake Bortles. I must say that I dont think he is the best QB in this draft (He is third at the moment for me), but for a Bill O’Brien offense, Bortles fits better than Manziel, and Bridgewater.I see this situation being a Alex Smith (Blake Bortles) and Aaron Rodgers (Teddy Bridgewater) situation. Texans coaches have apparently been raving about this kid, so this may not be so crazy. Stay tuned.

2. Rams- Top Needs- OT, CB, S, WR. I have a hard time seeing the Rams not trading this pick. If they do stay looking at positional needs and the fact that they are picking second I would pencil in Jake Mathews for this pick. I can see someone like Greg Robinson competing for the pick. Jake MAthews is my top OT in the draft right now, and it fills a need. It would be very tough to pass on Clowney here though.

3. JAX- Top Needs- QB, Pass Rusher, RB. Clowney fell to the Jaguars and I cant see them passing. Teddy Bridgewater will make them think twice, but I believe Clowney will be the safer and more alluring pick to Gus Bradley and company. Clowney is my top rated player in this draft.

4. CLE- Top Needs-QB, RB, OG, IlB. The Browns have two first round picks this year. They have a big need at QB, and I dont see them waiting till their second first round pick to address it (Brandon Weeden). Johnny Manzel’s first choice may not be CLE, but this is where I see him going. It will be tough to see them not taking Bridgewater over Manziel, but I think Manziel has more potential for them.

5. OAK-Top Needs-Lots of Holes here, QB, WR, D-Line, O-Line, CB. The Raiders have some pieces, and I really like there GM Reggie McKenzie, but looking at the AFC West, I cant see the Raiders competing next year for the play offs. I dont see the Broncos nor the Chiefs slowing down much, and the Chargers made the playoffs this year. Looking at available players, do you take a QB now, or take a Taj Boyd/ Jimmy Garapollo later? Also, do you wait for next years draft at QB (Hundley, Winston, Mariota and more). I think the last option is stupid given how cyclical the NFL is, but its a route the Raiders may take given how many holes they have. I think they address defense first (which is very smart for them) and I see them look for a guy like Kahlil Mack. Anthony Barr is another option here, but I prefer Mack.One player cant fix this D but its a starts.

6. ATL- Top Needs- OT, S, DE, OLB. I see this pick between Greg Robinson and Anthony Barr. I go back and forth here, but I, for the moment, am leaning towards Greg Robinson. Its tough to find OT’s that you can rely on for decades, but Robinson is very impressive.

7. TB- Top Needs-Edge Rusher, left side of O-Line, WR. I dont see them looking at a QB because Mike Glennon is farther in his development than many anticipated, and looks like a starting QB. I look at Anthony Barr or Sammy Watkins here. I go back and forth here. I go Anthony Barr here with their defense.

8. MIN- Top Needs- QB, OLB, CB. In this situation the Vikings fans are going to be in a frenzy flipping cars in the streets. Teddy Bridgewater fell to them. How can you not justify the Vikings taking Bridgewater here? QB guru Chris Weinke called him a perfect fit for the NFL.Notable alumni of Weinke's camp include Cam Newton and Russell Wilson, among many others. The one caveat I have is how teams like JAX have fallen in love with Carr, I can see the Vikings and Norv Turner doing the same as Carr fits Turners system so well (see Bortles to Texans with O’Brien). However, I cant see Teddy falling beyond here after the Vikes passed on Aaron Rodgers twice, I think they learned their lesson.

9. BUF- Top Needs- OT, OG, LB- I lean to Taylor Lewan for the Bills. They need more of a run blocker, but Lewan is good there (although the already drafted Greg Robinson would be better). They need an upgrade on the line, and I look Lewan here.

10. DET- Top Needs- WR, CB, OLB- Sammy Watkins falls no more. This offense terrifies me.

11. TEN- Top Needs- DE, rush LB, OT, RB, CB. If Verner leaves, which is way too early to say here they will go Justin Gilbert. I dont see that happening as of yet though, although with his coach now the secondary coach in Minnesota...thats more just a dream though. I will lean to Stephon Tuitt here

12. NYG- Top Needs- O-Line help, WR, CB, TE. Here I go with Justin Gilbert, great value, huge need.

13. Rams- Top Needs- CB, S, WR, OG. I will go with Ha Ha Clinton-Dix here as they need an upgrade at S more than anything here, IMO, and he is a great value at this point.

14. CHI-Top Needs-CB, DT, LB. I could see a DT here, but I think the Bears will stand pat at DT with Henry Melton coming back from injury. I see the Bears going with CJ Mosley over Denard.

15. PIT- Top Needs- WR, CB, S. The Steelers draft to stock their shelves in future players leaving. I would mock Denard or Mike Evans here, but the Steelers have an old safety combo. Ryan Clark is 34 and still playing extremely well, but how long can that last? At age 32 Polamalu is starting to slow down a tick, hes had some injury problems in the past, and is still a good starter, but now is the time the Steelers replenish. I see them going Calvin Pryor here who can learn from two great safeties, especially Polamalu. The more I think about it, the more I like this pick.

16. BAL- Top Needs-WR, OT, FS. I see Mike Evans as a great pick value and need wise.

17. DAL- Top Needs- DE, DT, FS. Kony Ealy is a 3 down 4-3 DE. He will be very good, and a great pick here.

18. NYJ- Top Needs- WR, and they are a mess at WR so I wont look forward. Marqise Lee will end up as a steal here.

19. MIA- Top Needs- OT, OG, RB. I go with a value and need pick here in Antonio Richardson.

20. ARI- Top Needs- Pass Rusher, OT, OG. I like Cyrus Kouandjio here.

21. GB- Top Needs- S, TE, DE. Eric Ebron makes an awful lot of sense here, and I hate giving the Pack this good of a weapon.

22. PHI- S, CB, NT. In 2014 CB wont be a need, but in 2015 it could be a huge need if it isnt addressed now. Besides, Darqueze Dennard is too good to be passed up.

23. KC- Top Needs- WR, TE, S. I go Kelvin Benjamin here.

24. CIN-Top Needs-O-line, CB. I go Zach Martin here.

25. SD-Top Needs- CB, OG, OLB, OT. I go CB here with Jason Verrett as a great value pick.

26. CLE-Top Needs- RB, OG, ILB. Someone has to block for Johnny so I slot in David Yankey here.

27. NO-Top Needs- O-Line. Morgan Moses is someone thats not high on board, but is on others. Saints need an OT though and its slim pickings at this point.

28. CAR- Top Needs- WR, OT, CB. I see them going WR here and taking Jordan Mathews.

29. NE- Top Needs-DT DE hybrid, TE, versatile LB, interior o-line. One guy flying way to low on peoples radars and who could shoot up after the combine is Ra'Shede Hageman. The guy is a beast. He will be a pro bowler and a stud in NE.

30. SF- Top Needs-SS, WR, CB. I see them grabbing Bradley Roby here.

31. DEN- Top Needs- CB, D-Line, LB, WR, S. I see Stanley Jean-Baptiste sliding in here.

32. SEA-Top Needs- WR, OG, OT, DT, DE, TE. Luis Nix fell hard. No idea how he fell this far to be honest. I can see CHI saving him at 14, but I just dont see it after that. SEA gets an absolute steal here.

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