What is it going to take to get the Vikings moving forward? Bomboclat or dickweedery?

This past week is one that most Viking fans could forget about. Don't worry there are plenty of dysfunctionalities in the world. I was getting down about the things going on in Viking World until I took a quick tour around the web. It isn't just our favorite team, passion runs deep for the Roll Tide fan, ready to take on the world and if you haven't seen it take a moment to view it.

Female Alabama fan tries to fight every Oklahoma fan

This guy lives in a world I don't know much about as I don't understand much jive and no Klingon.

NC councilman authors resignation letter in Klingon

Then I have to see this thing coming our way:

'Polar vortex' set to bring dangerous, record-breaking cold to much of US

A polar vortex, dude is this like The Day After? Unlike marksp18, I put stock into bowl game performances by players. Watching Clemson take down The Ohio State Buckeyes was entertaining. Watkins reminds me of SuperFalsh and I would be 100% down with taking him with our first pick at #8. I loved me some Johnny Football until he crashed and burned at the Manning brother's football camp. Mondo brought me back and now we have Ted on board for getting this electric quarterback, Draft him Spielman!

Johnny Manziel AMAZING Touchdown Pass vs Duke (via G4MarchMadnessHD)

The report for last years top posters came out and I must say I didn't see that one coming. I was most interested in who clicked the "rec" button the most, that is what I thought I led the site in. So as we enter the new year, a new season, a time of new beginnings, and a place to speak your mind, these are some things I would like to see happen this year:

1. jeffrotheviking reinstated - He deserved the banhammer after repeated warnings and just being an asshat. Signing on a new account under the name jeffrothevike (I'm close on this one) as a sock puppet account was just plain dumb. Sure some of his posts didn't make sense and he went way over the line with Ponder but I'd like to see him back on board the Viking ship. The day he greened up the entire daily thread was a thing of pure stupidity, but the passion was unmistakable and that is what did him in. Bring back Jeffro, I love the kid's passion even if it is misguided at times.

2. Put Kluwe to rest - I get it man and I really liked how you played life but this got real in a hurry and the team sure didn't need this pile of crap. No more Kluwe, just no more, please.

3. I pray that Spielman and the Wilf brothers can finally select a "good" coach for this team. We have pretty much lived in a pile of shit since the Wilfs bought the team. Dammit we deserve better, don't we?

4. Some way, some how bring the team a quarterback that actually has 16 game starting capabilities. He doesn't have to be Brady-like but that would be my first choice. A QB that can put the team on his back and actually get a first down late in the 4th quarter to run out the clock for a win. Tanking aside, we need a capable QB.

5. Bring back a defense that can actually dominate. I realize this will take some time but this season was really hard to watch much of the time.

6. Football gods I don't want to bitch and whine to much so I thank you for bringing the team SuperFlash as our next electric talent.

I'm stopping here and this is the time to add your two cents worth down below.

5 things you need to do when your team turns to shit.

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