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As we near the NFL Off-Season many take a gander at our roster, and try to forecast who the best option's are to fill the teams biggest need. In the case of the Minnesota Vikings, that need is QB. Now normally as we lead up to the draft, there around 3 QB's who are considered potentially 1st round talents. In 2013 it was Geno Smith and EJ Manuel. In 2012, RG3, Andrew Luck and Ryan Tanehill. But as we approach the NFL Off-season there is a surprising amount of options, when searching for your QBOTF.

The prize QB of the NFL Draft is w/out question Teddy Bridgewater, but many other QB's have been mocked in the first round, and most QB's stock seems to only grow higher as the draft draws closer. The consensus QB's that our likely to go in the first round are Teddy Bridgewater, Johnny Manziel, Blake Bortles, Derek Carr and Brett Hundley. That's 5 QB's without even mentioning some potential risers such as Tahj Boyd and AJ McCarron. Certainly these QB's are not all future pro-bowl QB's, but needless to say there are plenty to choose from. Let's take a way too early look @ our options.

Teddy Bridgewater- Grand Prize- Teddy Bridgewater will no doubt be the first QB off the board, and how it stands now, it would be a shock to see him fall to 8. But w/ the top two teams in the draft open to trade, there still is a way to draft him if we wanted him bad enough. I don't feel Teddy Bridgewater is worth an RG3 style bounty, but if he fell enough I would be more than happy to make a trade, ensuring a potential franchise QB.

Johnny Manziel AKA Johnny Football AKA Johnny Viking- Man, Myth, Legend-

Johnny Football is a mixed bag of opinion w/ his attitude making some people hate the idea of drafting him, while others feel he's the next Brett Favre. Johnny Manziel has been mocked to the Vikings more than most QB's that I've seen, despite his attitude. Over here on DN, I've heard many people say he's a mistake waiting to happen while others claim he's our QBOTF. He could go in the Top 10, or perhaps slide into a second day pick depending on how the next few months go for him.

Blake Bortles- Consolation Prize-

Blake Bortles is a fine consolation prize, that may very well be a potential Top 5 pick. He doesn't fit the athletic, RG3, Cam Newton type mold, that's been a hot commodity lately, but he has all the tools to be a great pocket passer, and he's not the slowest in the world, despite pocket-passing being his strength. His arm is one of the best in the draft, and he could be one of the most NFL ready QB's.

Derek Carr- 2 generation draft bust pick-

While Derek Carr may not have the best genetics, he's still one of the top QB's of the draft, who will hopefully turn out a much better career than his doppelganger, who played poorly enough to have an NFL disease named after him. But w/ a LT in place, in Minnesota, he would hopefully not have to worry about suffering David Carr syndrome. Carr has been mocked in the Top 10 in several mocks, and he could very well end up in purple.

Brett Hundley- QB-

The QB w/ boring name that will excite on the field @ the second level, Brett Hundley has the speed and skill set to excel in the NFL. However he also has high bust potential, which could cause some teams to shy away in the Top 10. He's someone who will likely be considered in the mid-1st round range.

AJ McCarron- Falling Star-

AJ McCarron, has slid after his unremarkable performance in a bowl game. His stock is all over the place, and he could go anywhere from rounds 1-4. He's an attractive option if your looking for QB's past RD 1.

Tahj Boyd- Falling Star-

Yet another potential steal, as a former 1st round has slid to the 2nd round, and possibly lower. Another route to go if you still have no QB on the second day.

So what do you guys think? How do we solve our QB situation? Who's your favorite draft prospect?

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