Offseason plan, pt. 3 - Free Agent Targets

Now for the fourth part of my Offseason Plan; this is the part where I suggest plausible targets for the Vikings to go after once they can begin negotiating. I'll start with positions that the Vikings need to target this offseason:

1. Cornerback-The Vikings should let Chris Cook walk in Free Agency, and with that departure, will leave a hole at the starting RCB. The Vikings could use a player in the mold of Cook, but with more ball skills than Cook has.

2. Defensive Tackle-The Vikings really need to sign a veteran at this position. Their run D has been going into the tank, and a Phat Pat-type Nose Tackle should do wonders for their D.

Now, the Vikings have many more holes than Cornerback and Defensive Tackle, but these are the two positions that I think the Vikings will be most likely to address in Free Agency, because there are some fair players on the market.

Now, here are some targets for the Vikings to target this off-season for each position:


Aqib Talib-Talib is the best healthy player on the Patriots D. He has gone up against the top WR's in the NFL and more often than not comes away with his fair share of wins. He was up against Julio Jones, and he wound up batting away what could have been the game-winning pass. He only had 13 PD's, with 4 Interceptions and a forced fumble. He is probably going to be one of the more expensive players on the FA market this off-season, but with all the players that the Vikings will have leaving, they should have plenty of money to go after Talib if they choose to. He is 6'1", and profiles as a great pair to Xavier Rhodes on the outside.

Alterraun Verner-He is not a well-known player, but he ended the year tied with Ladarius Webb for first in the NFL with 23 passes defended. He had five interceptions, which is tied for fifth in the league. One of the picks was a pick-6; he also had two fumble recoveries. He is 5'10", and this year played RCB for the Titans, which means that he could take over for Cook.

Brent Grimes-Grimes is 5'10" tall. He had four interceptions, and had a total of 16 passes defended. He had a 94-yard interception return for a TD this season, and had 60 total tackles. He would have to adapt to being the RCB instead of the LCB, but I think he could be a worthy addition to our defense.

Vontae Davis-Davis is 5'11" tall. He is a 5th year veteran, and he has been playing with the Colts over the last two seasons. This season, he had 1 pick, 46 tackles, and 12 PD. He was also a RCB, so he would be another guy who could fit in with the Vikings hole at CB.

Defensive Tackle:

Jason Hatcher-Hatcher is 6'6" and 299 lbs. He is an 8th year veteran, and up until this season, he was just an average DT. This season, he has exploded with 11 sacks, 2 forced fumbles, 8 stuffs, 3 passes defended, and 41 tackles. While he may be a little light for a nose tackle, I think he could be a force for us if we are willing to shell out the money for him.

Paul Soliai-Soliai is 6'4" and 340 lbs. He is a 7-year vet. This season, he has piled up 34 total tackles, 1 sack, a forced fumble, 5 passes defended, and four stuffs. He seems like he could be a Phat-Pat type run-stuffer for us.

Those are six players that I think the Vikings could target in Free Agency.

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