Offseason plan, pt. 4 - Draft Projections

And now the final installment of my Off-season Plan, where I discuss what the Vikings should do about the Draft.

Now, after signing at least one of the CB's and DT's from the last installment, that means the Vikings will be looking for a few positions through the Draft.

I've got to be honest, I don't know all that much about players in college. Once the mock drafts start coming out and we start getting deeper into the off-season, I should be able to make better projections about who the Vikings are going to draft. Here are the positions they should be looking at:

1. Quarterback-The Vikings biggest need on offense right now is at QB. Duh. There are a lot of prospects that the Vikings could be looking at, and the fact that they are at #8 in the Draft Order could present the problem that they don't exactly know who will be available at that slot. After all, nobody would have given even a million to one shot that the Vikings would not only be able to select Sharrif Floyd with the #23 pick, but also took three picks in the first round.

2. Nose Tackle-If the Vikings can't find the player they want in Free Agency, they are going to need a run-stuffing Nose tackle in the Draft. I am an extreme retroactive Phat Pat phan, and the Vikings Defense really needs a run-stuffer in that mold

3. Linebacker-No matter how good people think the pairing of Audie Cole, Gerald Hodges, Chad Greenway, and Mike Mauti may be, we need an upgrade at the LB position. If we don't get a QB at #8, we should probably move down several picks to make sure they don't reach too much.

4. Guard-The Vikings need an upgrade for Charlie Johnson. If they can't find one in free agency, and they don't feel confident enough in Jeff Baca to step up, they need a new guard to step into their starting lineup.

5. Wide Receiver-While the Vikings have a strong starting three WR (Patterson, Jennings, and Wright), they could use some depth behind them, especially since nobody knows what Greg Childs and Rodney Smith will do next season.

At the moment, the Vikings hold the #8 overall pick in the first round. They still have all their picks in each round, as well as an extra pick in the 3rd round. After the last two Drafts, it would not surprise me at all if Speilman trades back into the first round if he sees a player he absolutely has to have.

Here are some players I could see the Vikings picking up to fill these holes:

QB- Johnny Manziel; Teddy Bridgewater; Blake Bortles, Derek Carr,

NT-Ra'Shede Hageman; Louis Nix 3

LB-Anthony Barr; CJ Mosley; Khalil Mack; Vic Beasley; Ryan Shazier

G-Zack Martin

WR-Sam Watkins; Mike Evans; Marquise Lee; Kelvin Benjamin; Brandin Cooks; Allen Robinson

Yes, most of these players are expected to go in the first round, but I am sure that if Speilman gets his eye on someone, they will be about a month from finishing their first year with the Vikings. As long as the Vikings don't reach on their first pick, they should be good. At this point, there isn't much point in me going any farther. As the off-season goes on, I will definitely be updating this post to take into account the moves the Vikings make in the off-season.

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