BCS bowl week mock draft

Welcome to 2014 everyone and happy new year, and my latest mock draft based on player performances I saw this past week. In this mock I consider the article that Houston is open to trading the #1 and I hope RC doesn't drink the Kool aid. I understand we need a QBOTF but not for a trade similar to what it took Washington to get RGIII. I want keep the picks we have get rid of some garbage and bring in some fresh blood to help energize this team.

We all understand that the new HC will ultimately decide the way we go in the offseason but as for now who I mock is based on my own rankings and evaluations of their play over the course of their college career. In FA I think we will either sign Talib or Verner at CB and safety Jarius Bryd taking care of the secondary. Leaving the draft to QB, NT, LB, OL

2014 draft

1st rd- Sammy Watkins, WR, Clemson- I know this isn't a need and some of you are probably thinking I'm nuts but I couldn't help myself. Outside of Patterson and Jennings and I'll throw Wright in there we don't have a lot of depth at this position. I like Greg Childs "CHILDS PLZ" but don't know how much you can rely on him. A Combination of Watkins/Patteson/Jennings would be a nightmare for DC's and with a good QB can utilizes his playmaking ability.

2nd- Dominque Easily, DE, Florida - This would be a steal if Easily fell this far. With his knee injury this past season its a possibility considering that Tank Carradine last year fell to San Francisco. Easily was playing at a top 5 level until his injury. He has the fastest 'get off of any lineman in the draft and is disruptive in stoppage the run. Paired with Floyd these two terrorized the SEC in 2012 and if Dan Quinn is our new HC he would love to have these 2 together again.

3rd- Anthony Steen, G, Alabama- The need to upgrade the OL here is a good choice. Steen was a 3 year starter and was the unknown guy on the Alabama OL that was instrumental in back 2 back NT's. With Baca and Berger there some DEpth or possible starting isn't outside the relm for Steen

3rd- Tajih Boyd, QB, Clemson- We all know that RC has a history of drafting teammates and it happens again this year. I like Boyds' arm strength, and accuracy, he does have some WTF moments from time to time but has the mobility to move in the pocket or escape and run if he needs to. With a good OC who can develop a QB Boyd would be a good pick here and will benefit from a slow intro into the starting role.

4th Deanthony Thomas, RB, Oregon- I still like Thomas here or another RB in the 4th as a change of pace or 3rd down back. Thomas again I think could be a player a lot like Darren Sproles. A guy who can come in and be a playmaker in the screen game or PR/KR game good value pick here and would benefit Boyd or whoever is starting at QB as a outlet

5th Andrew Jackson, LB, Western Kentucky- Jackson has had a great last 2 years in Bowling Green and he will be a great pick here. Last year as a JR he had a 122 T, 2SK, 15TFL season and backed it up this season with a 95 T, 1SK, 10 TFL season. He could be gone by this point but is a solid pick here again and could provide depth to a LB core that will need some help next season

6th Eddie Lackey, LB, Baylor- I don't know where people say this guy wont get drafted but in a year where Baylor was on top of the big 12 Lackey was always around the ball. He is a bit on the small side at 5'11 220, but I cant help but notice how he is always around the ball. If not for more depth but will make a great ST player

7th- Joey Searcy, DT, Angelo St- Searcy is a potential scout team/ UNDFA type of prospect. At 6-1 335 he is a good rotational player who will best be served on the scout team or 3rd stringer

here you good let me know what everyone thinks thanks for viewing my mock as always

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