In Defense of Derek Carr

Derek Carr is not his older brother, a rather basic fact of life, but one that for some reason gets confused by football fans. The name Carr somehow got synonymous with bust. I guess this comes with being the first pick in the draft for an expansion team. David Carr, for those who don’t know, took more sacks than just about any QB in football. Was it a poor offensive line? Or was it a poor QB? If you ask Derek, the answer is clear. Do you know who the offensive lineman for the expansion Houston Texans were? Derek does and he also knows what happened to each and every one of them. To call the line bad would be an insult to bad offensive lines everywhere.

But this is not a story about David Carr, it is a story about Derek Carr, whose parents had to shield him from all the negative stories about his older brother. This is about Derek whose friend got beat up for wearing a David Carr jersey to a football game. This is about Derek who everyday has to be reminded about how his last name is Carr and his first name is almost David.

Derek Carr was recruited by pretty much every top 25 program in the country. He was promised the chance to start as a true freshman at some of them. He was one of the most highly rated QB’s in his high school class. He wanted to go to Fresno because his brother went there.

His first two years he played little and his team ran the pro-style offense that was part of the reason David went first overall. Then his coach was fired, unfazed Derek learned a new offense.

"As a former defensive coordinator, DeRuyter knew which offenses were most difficult to stop, so he sacked Fresno's pro-style attack in favor of a no-huddle, pass-happy spread built around Carr. In the two seasons since, Carr has passed for 8,970 yards and 85 touchdowns, helping the Bulldogs to a 20-5 record and two Mountain West Conference titles." – LA times

He is a cerebral QB who calls a lot of his own plays. He has flaws, he throws a number of underneath routes and WR screens, which is not really his fault, that is the offense. His footwork in inconsistent.

He has great qualities. He has lived his whole QB life under a microscope. He has probably the second fasted release among the available QB’s. He has a very high football IQ. He has a good arm. His stats are off the charts, partially because of the offense that he plays.

"He's worked his tail off," DeRuyter said. "He's like a coach on the field. He studies tape unlike any player I've ever been around. He just really exudes class and character.

"He's a father, a husband. He's gone through some off-the-field stuff with his son health-wise and it never affected him. He's just everything you'd want in the leader of your team." – LA Times

You can choose to not like Derek Carr if you like, but please choose to not like Derek Carr because of the things Derek Carr has done, not because his last name is Carr. Make no mistake, if Derek Carr is available at the 8 spot and the vikings have not moved up and the other three are gone, Derek Carr is not a consolation prize. He might wind up being the best QB in the draft. After all, he has something to prove, Carr is not a swear word.

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