Teddy Bridgewater-Aaron Rodgers Comparison, Zach Mettenberger Charted Throws, Thoughts On Ryan Mallett

So I'm pretty sure we've all heard the comparisons of Teddy Bridgewater looking like a young Aaron Rodgers when he came out of Cal, but how warranted are these comparisons really? Thankfully the boys over at did there homework and compiled videos to one spot too make the comparison easier. I'm no scout so I'm not even going to bother writing what I saw but heres the link so those curious can check it out themselves:

The comparison is set into 5 categories: Pocket Navigation, Ball Placement, Mobility, Vertical Passing and lastly Velocity. All you have to do is click onto one of these categories under the QB and it'll send you to a youtube video showing how they fare in that area of their game to make the comparison a hell of alot easier on us all. Pretty interesting stuff.

Now just a couple days ago I posted a fanpost about Zach Mettenberger, it lead to alot of debating. Debating on character issues, schematic fits, mobility and even peoples grammar (which I poorly use in the comments sections myself). So instead of just showing what different scouts said about him I figured it would be better to let people use their own minds and their own eyes to see and evaluate him for themselves. Granted no matter what we all will have different opinions, since we all favor different type of QB's that fit our own personal criteria but heres a link to a Video Passing Chart of Zach Mettenberger. It's extremely helpful to break down the type of passer a QB is when you don't have time to sit down and watch 7 or 8 games. Again this is all thanks to the lovely people over at

And for those that are curious they have Video Passing Charts on Aaron Murray, Tahj Boyd and Stephen Morris as well.

Lastly, the idea of trading for Ryan Mallett has been popping up more and more, and it finally got the gears in my head going. I honestly never gave it much thought before, but the idea is definitely and intriguing one. I, myself am a big fan of the big body, big arm vertical QB's (and any QB that can make a game as exciting as Johnny Football haha) so ofcourse I would of loved to have gotten Mallett in the first place and not have made this Ponder mistake. Though it got me thinking Bill Belichick and his staff (of 2011) had Mallett ranked as the #1 QB on their board and viewed him as a player they couldn't pass on, he was supposed to be groomed to be the eventual heir of the Patriots after Tom Brady retires much like Aaron Rodgers was when Brett Favre left.

So why would they now be willing to trade him? Rumors spread last offseason the Browns were going to trade for Mallett and that the Patriots would jump at the opportunity if they were offered atleast a 2nd round pick. Now the Browns decided not to go down that rabbit hole, and that made me even more curious. Michael Lombardi has been a long time friend of Bill's, and it wouldn't be crazy to assume they discussed the trading options so why didn't Lombardi seize the opportunity?

Mallett appears to be a perfect fit for Turners offense, he's been learning the Patriots system and sitting behind a future Hall of Famer shadowing Tom Brady for a couple years then, why not? Tom Brady is 36, how many more years does the guy really have? We keep talking about Peyton Manning retiring well guess what, Manning is only a year older than Brady. So if Mallet would possibly need to take the reigns any time in the next few years then why cut him loose if he is a potential star?

All of those signs point to (atleast to paranoid skeptics like me) Ryan Mallett not working out as well as hoped. Now he has done fine in the preseasons, a couple interceptions (one I remember seeing was a tip clearly on the WR), some touchdowns but no flashes either. Atleast nothing special that I can recall.

Now Mallett was a very good QB back at Arkansas, I look at him as kinda a Zach Mettenberger 2.0 (not that, that really means diddly squat since we have yet to see how Mettenberger would do in the NFL but then again we have yet to see Mallet play a whole quarter in the NFL also), all the same intangibles but an even bigger build, maybe even a stronger arm, and a higher football IQ having had to run Bobby Petrinos system in Arkansas.

Before I ramble on forever about the possibilities I'll just try to wrap up my point. Ryan Mallett looks like the perfect fit for the Vikings, it's very possible we could get him and have our QB position finally tied up with only a 2nd round pick (no 1st round, or even having to trade up and lose a grip of picks) but the question remains why are the Patriots willing to let him go? There are alot of reasons why Bill could be willing to such as possibly wanting to explore the read option or a different type of offensive scheme, or maybe he thinks before Brady retires he can find a guy who'll come into the league practically already a super star such as Luck did.

I would definitely want to explore that issue if I was Rick Spielman, Mallett has too much upside to not atleast explore the idea. I would ask Norv and his son Scott to watch a bunch of tape of Mallett (even though supposedly Turner and Zimmer are already very familiar with him and his work) from his Preseason games to his junior year and figure out if they signed him would it be another situation like signing Josh Freeman, or would they have a great QB to groom. If necessary they could have him sit behind Cassel for a season while Norv teaches him, his way... Alright, thanks for bothering to read my ramblings, if you got any thoughts on Mallett feel free to comment. Hope you all enjoy the Super Bowl tomorrow.

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