My Free Agent love list....

Below are a few of my love list that I would love, to see in purple.

We have the 8th pick in the draft so I would love to be able to either 1. Jump up a few positions w/out giving future picks for Teddy or 2. Be in a position in which we could trade down a few spots, gain a 2nd and 3rd and still get a top tier player. Of course so does 31 other teams.

Watching the 2013 team I fully believe we need to solidify the Defense w/ another shut down corner as well as a DE to replace Allen's production. With Cook being non existent in 2013 or giving up every pass thrown his way, I would love to see a top tier CB come from Free Agency. I know I may be in the minority, however I would like to see Cook back on the roster as a backup to Xavier and Verner/Talib. He can fill in for injury and could command only a 2-3 year deal w/ little $$. With Marshall, Jeffery, Jordy, Megatron and who ever is added through the draft, we need shut down CB's to compete.

In my eyes, Verner would be the one I pick. My plan B would be Talib. I believe Verner would cost less $ than Talib as well (if I'm not mistaken) fits the youth trend Spielman is gunning for.

My DE love would obviously be Johnson. He is has Zimmer now as his HC, as well as could be a bit cheaper then most think, due to the idea of playing for Zimmer again. As well as signing Everson Griffen. Griffen has publicly said he would like to work it out w/ the Vikes as well as said he would like to work w/ Zimmer due to how many players love him as a DC in Cincy.

As for QB's....I still am not sure what Cassel was trying to do. Demand more $ or see what his options are in the future. Cassel as everyone knows is NOT a future hall of famer. He is a stop gap QB that fits well w/ the Vikings. He would have full command of starting position w/ Cordelle, Jennings, Rudolph and AP under Norv Turner. Norv had built up Rivers into a top 5 QB when he had weapons as well as LT. My plan B for QB's......wait for it.......Micheal Vick

My RB love that could be a under the radar type of RB is Donald Brown. I know he not an elite type of RB, and that we have AP, but I would love to see a RB that can catch out of the backfield ala Chester Taylor. Donald could be a good relief for AP as well as a RB that could be a duel threat from behind QB. He is not elite but he could be a good back up. RB's unless you are AP, Charles, Lynch type will NEVER demand big $ in the NFL due to the Pass First style now.

SIGNING Griffen, Johnsonson and Verner would be my love list for Free Agents of 2014. Do I see all of these happening? No. When free agency comes along and you have talent, you want paiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid. Money walks and bull sh*t walks.....ask Mr. Wallace of the Miami Dolphins.

Give me me your love for FA this year below. Would like to see your opinions on this....

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