WR In The 1st?

Alright, so alot of people are under the impression since most of Minnesotas top needs are on defense that, thats the direction they have to go in the draft. Lets try to be realistic, you aren't going to be able to patch all of those holes in one year and they aren't going to the Super Bowl next season. While there are a great deal of deserving defensive players in the 1st round that doesn't mean the Vikings should be limited to defense or any specific position with the 1st. If you do limit yourself while other teams are improving their offenses and defenses you'll get left behind. So, considering the idea it actually would do a lot for the Vikings. If you throw a top WR into the mix it helps the new QB with his growth immensley to have another top target and it takes the Vikings offense to a whole other level. Realistically it's not likely they pick a WR at #8 but lets still consider the idea and not limit ourselves..

1. Sammy Watkins
6'1 205 lbs
Career Stats: 240 Rec 3391 Yards 27 TDs
Matt Miller: "Dominant. That's how I would describe Clemson's Sammy Watkins."
Top 10 Pick

My Thoughts: Very similar to Patterson. Just a freakish athlete, incredibly electric, and a flat out playmaker. Has off field issues though, doesn't have the size to where he's going to be that big body jump ball guy.

2. Marqise Lee
6'0 195 lbs
Career Stats: 248 Rec 3655 Yards 29 TDs
Matt Miller: "When I watched him at USC over the last three years, it was easy to see him becoming a No. 1 wide receiver in the NFL. Is it a concern that his production dropped instead of rose? Not for me."
Top 20 Pick

My Thoughts: One of the most well rounded WR's in the draft. Before this down season (who was even his QB again??) there was expected to be alot of debate as to who was going to be the #1 WR Lee or Watkins. Freakish athlete (also competes in Long Jumping and Track and Field), great route runner, very willing blocker (god knows the Vikings need those) and a big time playmaker. Lee over the last season had some minor issues with ball security though, and doesn't have the size to be a big body jump ball guy.

3. Mike Evans
6'5 225 lbs
Career Stats: 151 Rec 2499 Yards 17 TDs
Matt Miller: "He's strong, has great length and is crazy good at catching contested passes."
15-32 Pick

My Thoughts: Fantastic size (he'd have the edge even on Brandon Browner), extremely physical, very willing blocker and you can toss it up and know he's going to come down with it. On the flip side, it seems like alot of his production was based on his size. He got away with alot of offensive pass interference plays when he couldn't get seperation, had some drops and isn't the fastest guy by any means.

4. Odell Beckham Jr.
6'0 187 lbs
Career Stats: 143 Rec 2340 Yards 12 TDs
Matt Miller: "He's fearless in traffic, showing the concentration and tough-as-nails mentality needed to catch the ball a second before he knows a safety or linebacker is looking to put a shoulder through his chest."
20-32 Pick

My Thoughts: Like Matt Miller was trying to say politely he's ballsy. He's a solid route runner with soft hands and even though he doesn't have the most killer production to show for it it wasn't until this last season that Zach Mettenberger was in a system he fit, and so for two years the guy wasn't getting the QB play he deserved. Not a freakish athlete and playmaker like Lee or Watkins and doesn't have the best size to compensate.

Personally I agree with Mr. Chavous of Draft Nasty, who on KFAN with Paul Allen said that the Vikings selecting Marqise Lee would be a homerun pick and pairing him up with Patterson would totally change the way teams would be forced to defend them. He's been a top WR for a long time as a top recruit coming out of high school to his 2012 season as a unanimous All-American, Biletnikoff award winner and PAC-12 Offensive Player of the Year. Unfortunately though with a down season in 2013 with battling injuries, poor QB/team play and moments of lacking ball security his stock has dropped from possibly being even a top 5 pick. My family and alot of people I know are big USC fans so I've seen alot of this guy and before this season he was a total game wrecker. If Barkley wasn't having such an up and down season in 2012 the numbers Lee would of put up could of been insane and theres a good chance he'd have a Heisman on his resume.

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