Ale-ing Predicament

WARNING: This article has very little to do with actual football!

Attending Vikings games are a blast! The aura from the combination of traveling to the stadium, enjoying the pre-game festivities and of course the game, is truly a one-of-a kind feeling.

You feel compelled to get overpriced food and drink, rationalizing that this is a special occasion and it is okay to pay a premium to heighten your enjoyment at such an exciting event. So, you make your way over to the concessions and pick out a brat, maybe some nachos and now it's time to pick your beverage. Those of legal-drinking-age come to the quick conclusion that they have a VERY narrow selection to choose from. Here is my gripe, why is the beer selection so poor? With all the great breweries in Minnesota, the official beer of the MINNESOTA Vikings is none other than WISCONSIN'S Miller Lite?! Apparently this is the selection, based on this non-official site:

The Metrodome offers Budweiser, Bud Light, MGD, Miller Lite, Summit, Finnegans Irish Amber, Michelob Golden Draft Light, Mike’s Hard Lemonade and a selection of wine throughout the stadium...

And where in the Hell is the Summit or Finnegans? Did I completely miss them? I think you can get Summit outside, at the Kirby Puckett Place but I never saw an option inside the stadium. I feel like I have no selection when I go to Vikings games and my hope is that the new stadium will host a better selection.

If you visit this site you realize there are a ton of breweries near or in the Twin Cities area. Grain Belt seems like a reasonable and cheap option. It is the official beer for a lot of large Twin Cities events, such as the Zombie Pub Crawl, in which it is fittingly called Brain Belt! Also Surly Beer would be an even better local addition.

In a perfect world, Gulden Draak Ale would be available at the stadium as well. Now I know it isn't from Minnesota (or this country) and it is quite pricey but damnit, look at the bottle!



Does that not look like something that would befit a Viking game?!

So lets recap, based on what we know from that unofficial site:

Brewery Locations (State)
Minnesota Wisconsin Other
Summit MGD Budweiser
Finnegans Miller Lite Bud Light
Leinenkugel Corona
Michelob Golden Draft Light
Mike's Hard Lemonade

And the table really doesn't do the selection percentage justice. Almost every concession stand seems to have the same standard piss beer of MGD, Bud Light and Miller Lite, with like two random kiosks in the whole Metrodome for the likes of Leinenkugel and Corona (not a huge step up in grade but you get the point).

So what say you? Do you agree or do you think I am being too critical? What beers would you like to have when you attend a Vikings game? With the opening of the new stadium in the up-coming future, do you feel the Vikings should take a poll, composed of a combination of local and non-local beers, to help influence a re-structure of their selection? What should the official beer of the Minnesota Vikings be?

Sound off in the comments. I want to hear what you have to say!

**I tried to find official sources but apparently those sites are in flux since the Metrodome is no longer and the new stadium has yet to be erected. If you find an official source, please link it in the comments and I will append it to this post.**

This FanPost was created by a registered user of The Daily Norseman, and does not necessarily reflect the views of the staff of the site. However, since this is a community, that view is no less important.

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