Free Agency Targets (PFF Scores)

Now remember despite the stats and scores, different players were asked to do different things. For example some players have more pass deflections because they were targeted more, some because they would bait the QB, stats don't tell the whole story. Though PFF scores are based on alot of accurate data. So it gives a better idea than someone commenting "Blah blah sucks, forget picking that guy up not worth it." on a blog or article.

Free Agent Targets:

CBs (made the CB list extra long since, its the position people seem to be most interested in)

Vontae Davis UFA 15.5 PFF score
26 5'11 204lbs
1 INT 12 PD 46 Tackles

Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie UFA 13.0 PFF score
28 6'2 193lbs
3 INT 1 TD 15 PD 31 Tackles

Chris Harris Jr. Restricted FA 10.9 PFF score
25 5'10 199lbs
3 INT 13 PD 65 Tackles

Captain Munnerlyn UFA 10.1 PFF score
26 5'8 195lbs
2 INT 2 TD 12 PD 73 Tackles

Alterraun Verner UFA 9.4 PFF score
25 5'10 187lbs
5 INT 1 TD 23 PD 57 Tackles

Will Blackmon UFA 7.2 PFF score
29 6'0 210lbs
1 INT 10 PD 40 Tackles

Walter Thurmond III UFA 4.8 PFF score
28 5'11 190lbs
1 INT 1TD 6 PD 32 Tackles

Corey Graham UFA 4.0 PFF score
29 6'0 196lbs
4 INT 12 PD 74 Tackles

Sam Shields UFA 0.4 PFF score
26 5'11 184lbs
4 INT 17 PD 61 Tackles

Aqib Talib UFA -0.3 PFF score
28 6'1 205lbs
4 INT 13 PD 41 Tackles

Cheapest options would probably be Corey Graham, Walter Thurmond, Will Blackmon, Sam Shields or Aqib Talib


Greg Hardy UFA 27.0 PFF score
26 6'4 290lbs
15 Sacks 59 Tackles 5 STF

Michael Johnson UFA 25.9 PFF score
27 6'7 270lbs
3.5 Sacks 56 Tackles 3 STF

Brain Orakpo UFA 24.9 PFF score
28 6'4 257lbs
10 Sacks 60 Tackles 9 STF

Lamarr Houston UFA 11.4 PFF score
27 6'3 300lbs
6 Sacks 69 Tackles 6 STF

Everson Griffen UFA 4.7 PFF score
26 6'3 273lbs
5.5 Sacks 27 Tackles 3 STF

Jared Allen UFA -4.0 PFF score
32 6'6 270lbs
11.5 Sacks 52 Tackles 6 STF

Cheapest option would probably be Lamarr Houston, though Michael Johnson or Everson Griffen are the more likely options


DT Linval Joseph UFA 9.9 PFF score
25 6'4 323lbs
3 Sacks 59 Tackles

G Geoff Schwartz UFA 18.6 PFF score
28 6'6 340lbs

WR Jerome Simpson UFA 6.8 PFF score
28 6'2 190lbs
1 TD 726 Yards 48 Rec

S Jarius Byrd UFA 9.9 PFF score
27 5'10 203lbs
4 INT 6 PD 48 Tackles

S Bernard Pollard UFA 3.4 PFF score
29 6'1 225lbs
3 INT 10 PD 99 Tackles

Geoff Schwartz had previously played for the Vikings so if he's not spiteful then he should come without too hefty of a price tag. Bernard Pollard would be a cheaper option to add some veteran leadership and an extremely physical attitude to the secondary.

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