Target Practice, Pt 2 -- Trading for the QB You Probably Don't Want

Time for an offseason proposal to end all offseason proposals.

You'll laugh. You'll cry. You'll love it. You'll hate it.

Ready... fight!!


Part 1 of this series dealt with potential free agent targets, mostly unconventional options -- considering how that post went over to those who read it, this one should be a downright disaster.

There is plenty too much speculation on what we should do at the QB position, from the draft to trading for a signal caller. Let's explore the latter.

Ryan Mallett is the player du jour, but there's obvious risk there -- I didn't like him when we were leading up to the draft, mostly because people were saying we should spend our #12 pick on a player with tons of baggage. As it turns out, we spent the #12 pick on a guy that hasn't quite fit the bill. Figures. But Mallett also hasn't proven a whole helluva lot in the league. Sure, he's sat behind Tom Brady and has probably learned quite a bit... but is it worth coughing up what will likely have to be our 2nd rdr?? I'm not so sure.

Then there's Brock Osweiler. Tons of appeal there, but this is even more unlikely than Mallett. Elway hand-picked Osweiler in the 2nd rd to be groomed behind Peyton Manning. I can't imagine a realistic scenario where a deal would even be entertained, here.

Which brings me to the bottom line -- if we're going to try to trade for a QB, he needs to be affordable. He needs to have potential under Norv Turner. And he should be young enough to possibly be our QB for the next 10 years.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you...

Jake. Locker.

...(pause while laughter subsides)...

You're probably in one of two camps right now -- "he's worth a shot", or "absolutely not".

First, let's address the 'why we'd be interested'...

Rumors swirled leading up to the 2011 draft that the FO was high on Locker. Then the Titans swooped in and nabbed him in the Top 10, and the rest is Ponder history. I believe those accounts were accurate, and we were planning on drafting Locker at #12. And, we've already seen that Spielman isn't afraid to give opportunities to QBs we were once interested in (see: Freeman, Josh).

Locker also has the arm we're looking for in a QB. Is he the prototypical Norv Turner QB?? Perhaps not. Neither were any of the QBs in Cleveland.

Despite the fact he still hasn't broken out, it's entirely possible that Locker's grade will still be higher than any QB we have a realistic shot at drafting with the #8 pick. He has NFL experience, so the growing pains will be kept to a minimum.

OK, you say -- for the sake of argument, let's pretend we make an offer. Why would the Titans consider it??

It seems to be a perfect storm for this transaction right now:

a) New HC Ken Whisenhunt was noncommittal when asked about Locker. It's possible Whisenhunt is comfortable rolling with Fitzpatrick while they groom a QB via the draft.

b) Even before Whisenhunt, the Titans reportedly weren't going to pick up Locker's 2015 option -- meaning he'll be in a contract year this season. It's not outrageous to think the Titans organization may want to 'get what they can' for him now before his eventual walk to FA a year from now.

c) The Titans are currently without a 3rd rd pick in the draft.

And there's the kicker, peeps -- for better or worse, we have a history of trading our 3rd rd picks since Spielman has come on board. If we don't end up trading our 3rd rdr, we typically draft an underwhelming CB (see: McCauley, Marcus; Allen, Asher; Robinson, Josh). Now, Robinson might thrive under Zimmer, for all we know -- but the point is, Spielman tends to view 3rd rd currency as tradable.

Considering we have two 3rd rdrs, we're in a position to at least entertain the thought. Odds are the 3rd rdr via Seattle won't get it done (for obvious reasons at the tail end of the round), but #72 might be enough to strike a deal for a QB who is perceived to be 'damaged goods'.

Does Locker have accuracy issues?? Sometimes, yes. Is his injury history concerning?? Absolutely (in fact, that's the only qualm I have with this deal -- otherwise, I love it).

When it comes down to it, there's a lot to love and hate with this proposal.


That's it for now as I throw more darts at the wall. I meant to return with a Part 3 draft edition, but I'm swamped with work -- I'll likely spitball that out over March with a couple prospects that I think we should target via the draft.

As for trading for Locker, what do you think??

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