Re-thinking Ryan Mallett?+Tom Savage & Logan Thomas+Sammy Watkins

This is going to be one of the more quick note, post I type up so sorry in advance for the shortage of details and evidence.

Ryan Mallett
-So after everyone argued like crazy the other day on DN about Ryan Mallett, I continued to dig even further. Trying everything to get ahold of more film and preseason footage of Mallett to look at the little details in his game. Couldn't do it, so after a random Patriots fan told us about what was common knowledge to their fanbase I decided to look further into that. Bleacher Reports Patriots posts, SB Nations Patriots site posts turns out.. It's more common knowledge that Brian Hoyer slightly edged out Mallett but because of the financial aspects and because Mallett was a 3rd round draft pick and it wasn't completely obvious who was better they cut Hoyer. Also you see almost a consensus on Patriot sites that "Mallett doesn't have it" and that Mallett has yet to prove he was worth that 3rd... Sounds very far from a steal.

While on Bengals sites, Browns sites and more theres alot of posts about how good Mallett could be, it seems most Patriots writers and fans view him as a flop. While that doesn't mean anythings set in stone, it is very discouraging. Just like we know far more about Matt Cassel than any Tampa Bay fans would, they know far more about Ryan Mallett than any of us. So while I was very high on Mallett, it has died down a bit for me to a very slight buzz. If they could somehow convince Belichick to trade Mallett for Ponder and maybe a 6th then I would be super psyched, but I don't think a 2nd or 3rd would be worth it and we could be in for some trouble. Not saying I don't trust Turner, I trust any decisions he makes. Just saying I would not be trading a 3rd for him if I was GM.

Tom Savage, Logan Thomas=7th round projects
Gil Brandt, the long, long time scout now turned NFL Analyst described Tom Savage as "the QB prospect you've never heard of". He wrote an article of the same title on on, in it comparing him to the likes of Troy Aikman when he was coming out of college. He also wrote "I see between the two aren't so much in their results as they are in the way the QBs carry themselves on the field. Physically, when I see Savage, he reminds me of Aikman. He is well built at 6-foot-3, 245 pounds. He has a very strong arm and above-average accuracy on his throws. He is more of a pocket passer than someone who will beat you with his legs. Not a lot of prospects have the combination of size, arm strength, and passing ability that I see in Savage."

Tom Savage apparently fell completely off the map because before this season he hadn't been a starter since 2010. He had transfered from Rutgers after a promising start to Arizona. After transfering to Arizona they hired a new coach and their offense got altered so he again transfered this time to Pitt. He looks pretty good as a late round grab. CBS Sports have him rated as the 12th best QB just below Brett Smith and Connor Shaw and right above Tahj Boyd and Logan Thomas.

Logan Thomas, not much needs to be said. Last year after first starting there were writes up that he flashed a bit of Cam Newton potential. Logan is a HUGE prospect. 6'6 260lbs and hands that are just rediculous. One handed strangle the crap out of you big. Last season he had 30 TDs, 19 passing 11 rushing. While last year he flashed alot of raw potential this year he had alot frustrating inconsistencies. With only 2 years under his belt he still has along way to go, but with a huge build, cannon arm and some athletic ability who knows where his ceiling actually is. So with a pick at the end of the draft he could be worth taking and having him learn from one of the best in Turner.

Sammy Watkins
Really I don't have too much to say. We all know how dominant and amazing this kid could be. The truth is though, for all his strengths, we already have an amazing dominant kid.. His nickname is "Flash". While the idea of having both sounds great do you really need two guys who aren't deep threats and showcase their abilities on screens and quick check downs. No. Watkins is this years Patterson, but if Patterson had another year at Tennessee under his belt. We don't actually need two Pattersons. For the Vikings, Lee would be a much better fit. He's a do it all WR that actually runs excellent routes and can be a deep threat. Lee, Robinson, Evans, Beckam Jr. all would be better fits. The only two though that would be worth a top pick are Lee and Evans though.

and thats all folks!

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