First Ever Mock Drafts

I wonder if my other "first time" was this mentally draining. Who am I kidding, we were virgins once, and young.

As it seems to be more and more often, my severe neck, back, and hip pains have kept me up most of the night staring blankly at the ceiling in my bedroom plotting my attempts at world domination and wondering if there is ever going to be a cure for that yellowing of my lawn on account of my 2 wonderful labs. As I am laying there, I recalled a post on here about a website that has simulated mock drafts and I thought, what the hell and began my endeavors of becoming the next NFL GM.

I did two 5 round drafts to start with as I wasn't too sure how far to go, not being the college football guru some of you are. I then got real gutsy, and conducted two 7 rounders using what little knowledge I did have of some of the lower ranked players as well as research done during the draft. In all of them, I did not draft BPA throughout them, but more best player based on my perceived team needs with some guys that I personally felt had more upside than their draft position warranted. After all was said and done, I did some research to see how I did compared to a few draft sites(, SBN, CBSSports, and used Drafttek for players overall draft rankings) individual position rankings as well as overall draft position rankings. Needless to say, I made a couple boneheaded decisions, but think I may have pulled a couple steals out of a few as well. Feel free to criticize these as you see fit.

5 Round Mock Draft #1

(Pk) (Player) (Pos) (Rank--WF, SBN, CBS, DT)

1.8--Sammy Watkins WR 1--1--1--4

2.40--Calvin Pryor S 2--2--2--35

3.72--Zach Mettenberger QB 6--5--7--95

3.96--Da'Quan Jones DT 9--9--10--67

4.104--Pierre Desir CB 14--14--14--106

5.136--Max Bullough ILB 8--5--11--165

The site did not allow trades, so I had to draft at our current spots. Although I said I tried to draft BPA directed toward team needs, I would absolutely love for the Vikes to take Watkins if he is available at our #8 pick so I went with him myself. I didn't feel I could pass up Pryor in the second, even though he doesn't fill an immediate need, I think a safety tandem of Smith and Prior would be a force in the NFCN, and immediately upgrade the secondary. I think I am in the minority in that I really like Mettenberger, especially if he lasts until the 3rd. I think my donkey pick in this draft is Max Bullough, I am not sure if he is worth the pick, but we definitely need linebacker depth, especially middle depth.

5 Round Mock Draft #2

1.8--C.J. Mosely ILB 1-1-1-9

2.40--Jason Verrett CB 10-1-3-20

3.72--Will Sutton DT 7-7-7-53

3.96--Zach Mettenberger QB 6-5-7-95

4.104--Dion Bailey S 3-6-5-77

5.136--Antone Exum CB 12-13-22-186

Personally, I love this draft overall. I feel it shrinks a couple big holes on D, and still addresses the QB position with a bona fide talent. Can Verrett transition to a NFL caliber slot corner is my biggest question here. He is a bit undersized, but from what I can see plays similiar to a world class corner we released before the start of this season. Exum is one of my reaches that I feel will turn out to be a better player than his draft position would make you think.

7 Round Mock Draft #1

1.8--Sammy Watkins WR 1-1-1-4

2.40--Jason Verrett CB 10-1-3-20

3.72--Shane Skov ILB 4-3-4-45

3.96--Jimmy Garropolo QB 9-7-5-91

4.104--Pierre Desir CB 14-14-14-106

5.136--Kareem Martin DE 7-8-9-117

6.168--Hakeem Smith S 13-10-8-198

7.200--Aaron Lynch DE 21-5-18-107

I was ok with the way this turned out, all in all. I didn't know much about the guys at the bottom, non were the clear cut BPA, but were upside guys in positions of need, so I gambled.

7 Round Mock Draft #2

1.8--Johnny Manziel QB 2-3-3-12

2.40--Ra'Shede Hageman DT 2-1-4-10

3.72--Loucheiz Purifoy CB 5-12-8-109

3.96--Cyril Richardson G 2-3-4-66

4.104--Demarcus Lawrence DE NA-7-10-90

5.136--Lamin Barrow ILB 7-8-6-150

6.168--Josh Mauro DE NA-21-13-71

7.200--Walt Aikens CB 14-NA-25-NA

The first pick here was the hardest I had to make all night, as I passed him up in each of the previous drafts. I am personally not a JFF fan, but did it just for everyone that is. This is more of my reach a little for guys, but also the draft that you can tell I made my picks before looking up outside rankings and positions. Third round may have been the ultimate donkey pick of the night as I knew nothing about him and picked him as BPA at his position(which according to fanspeak wasn't even a reach at that point). I think Richardson is a steal at that pick in my humble opinion, and I honestly don't think that Mauro makes it that far as it seems that his stock is steadily rising.

One thing I learned from this is that overall, this could be a draft that could really help us depth wise on the defensive side of the ball. It seems that each defensive position is represented very well with some exceptional talents at different levels of the draft(due to injuries, character, etc). I also noticed that, at least to my under educated eye, that the top flight talent on the offensive ball seems to be lacking a bit as it definitely showed throughout my drafts. I did not intend on them being so one sided as far as offense vs. defense went, but it definitely shows where there the talent lies at our particular draft position. A couple other notes from this experience are that these things are totally computer generated with little to no thought process involved in the simulation(as they had Derek Carr going #1 overall in 3 of the drafts, Manziel a mid second rounder in another, and C.J. Mosely falling to the top of the second twice, as well as a few other things that I just can't ever see happening). They are kind of fun to do and at a minimum, give a guy something to get his hopes up about until May when we all can see just what this high power staff of ours pulls out of their hat.

If you took the time to read this, I really appreciate the time you took out of your day. Feel free to comment.

This FanPost was created by a registered user of The Daily Norseman, and does not necessarily reflect the views of the staff of the site. However, since this is a community, that view is no less important.

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