Savage of the Vikings

Somehow, having a Savage for a Vikings quarterback, that just sounds perfect. You can hear the announcers doing the 'play on words' on that one, already. "Savage and the Vikings cut that team to ribbons...."

But, I knew nothing about Tom Savage - QB of Pitt and Rutgers. Until I saw a fan post on him. Thanks FanPost.

So, I checked out his highlight films on Youtube

Tom Savage - Pittsburgh Panthers Highlights (2013) (via VYWillNeverDie)

Tom Savage Rutgers Highlights (via Rutgers3795)

Tom Savage O'Hara High School QB #8 Senior Films (Part 1) (via Tsav08)

and, yes I know - highlight films don't show anything but the good stuff...

For the record, I looked high and low for one of those game videos on youtube where you see his performance for the whole game, but couldn't find anything.

So, what do I like - for starters - 6'4" 230

Pitt 2013 Record - 2,958 yards - 21 touchdowns - 9 interceptions - 61% passing (238 of 389)- 3 rushing TDs.
Pitt vs Duke - 58-55 - 70% (23 of 33) 424 yards - 6 TDs (sorta Joe Kapp - lite)
He even looks a little like Joe

92b9d4c35c128790ee2a1e183859b3e8b9da04f3_medium 633585m_medium

Smart - ACC All-Academic Football Team - At least a 3.0 - communication and economics

Watching the Youtubes - I like that he isn't always throwing from a shotgun set. So many prospects always seem to be in the 'gun'... Savage often takes the ball from a pro set, under center. Again, this is based on the highlights, but he appears to be able to shift around in the pocket to avoid pressure while looking down field. But, if he gets flushed from the pocket, he made some nice connections on the run. I like how he hits the receiver in stride and that he make all the throws. Down field, crossing, screens, etc.

Lastly, this scout thinks pretty highly of Mr Savage

College Football Metrics

"In fact, I think there was legislation written in Congress that Savage must be ranked between #15-17 in this 2014 QB class. The same people who claim that there is "no science to this" somehow all have the same exact ranking range on Savage…coincidence? We feel, at this stage of the evaluation period, that Tom Savage is a top-5 QB prospect in this draft class. He makes a strong case as a top-3. I could see the world looking back in time and saying Savage was the best QB from this class. "

A part of me begins to worry that maybe Norv is getting angry that we are even talking about this guy. Savage is currently ranked to go probably in the 7th round! Cleveland is a short drive from the Pitt Campus, so I gotta believe Norv has an opinion..and I hope I'm not blowing it.

Not sure if this carries any weight but I was pretty pumped about Cordarrell's prospects last year when I was checking out his college highlight films. And was over the moon when I was sitting in the Dome during draft night (with my 44 jersey) and heard the Vikes 3rd pick.

Downside - Only a couple years as College starter (CP-Flash anyone). Has gotten dinged. Broken rib and bruised kidney in last game of year and some concussion symptoms last year too. So, maybe he needs to learn to shift in the pocket better? Maybe not top competition from the 2013 Pitt schedule. They did beat the Golden Domers, tho'

What do you think?

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