Should Spielman draft Johnny Manziel if he is on the board at #8?

Johnny Manziel is a lightning rod of excitement. Johnny is a potential candidate for the Viking's quarterback position. Manziel had a little misunderstanding about his role at the Mannning football camp which Peyton promptly cleared up. This gave the media the appearance of an immature Manziel that was more about a good time than working on the game. This was an important point in time for Manziel, the crossroads of his college career. Be the party guy with all the fame that goes with being a freshman Heisman winner in the SEC or do you want to be an NFL quarterback.

Teams will not waste a top selection on a player that has major issues (red flags) with his character. No team wants a party guy quarterback (the anti-Parcells celebrity quarterback.) This is not the public relations a team wants to find on the internet with their first round pick:


Manziel has learned a hard lesson, he came back and didn't have anymore issues reported (other than the autographs) during the entire season. Johnny Manziel understands this is a serious business and resurrected a disappointing team as it entered the SEC to get far away from Texas. The legendary performances Manziel left on the football field are just that. The come-from-behind victory over Duke showed everybody just how stone-cold competitive Manziel is.

The Texas A&M quarterback, who triggered mild concern Friday among draft observers when he was measured at a fraction under 6-feet tall, ran his two heats in the dash in 4.63 and 4.56 seconds.

Johnny Speed


Height isn't an issue for Manziel as he has learned to make it a strength. His speed is part of the success story of why it will work for him. Anyone that has watched the sport of football sees the position of quarterback changing. Kaepernick started the change with his speed and ability to run the read option. Russel Wilson has been nothing short of a coach's bonus check, dream come true and now is sporting a Super Bowl ring for his fine performance on the largest of stages.

Johnny Manziel is a big risk for GM's who like their job. Manziel brings a competitive fire to the game and would be endearing to fans. He showed that in the bowl game as he refused to let his team lose the game. He is money in the clutch, no more "deer in the headlight" quarterbacks. We have gone through three of these quarterbacks and that is enough. Manziel has the edge that can allow a quarterback to be great. The end of the game when the win hangs in the balance, Manziel is going to get that first down.

Manziel told reporters. "I don't like the taste of losing. I'm an extremely competitive person. But at the same time, I want to be a great leader as well."

Brett Favre weighed in this week and said Manziel reminded him of a "young Brett Favre." Bridgewater is the toast of this class according to the media. Bridgewater is a top 3 pick in most mock polls. Manziel, Bortles, or Carr could be on the draft board when the Vikings have the opportunity to select their draft pick. Carr has been building momentum lately. Can Carr do enough at the combine and his pro-days to move into the top ten draft discussion? Bortles is that guy, he is big and powerful but does he have the mental part of the game?

UnbannedVikinholic has a fan post with a must read article by Greg Peshek of Rotoworld that works through the top quarterbacks in the draft and compares their season's efforts. Just another bit of game evidence to work through. The Minnesota Vikings Mock Draft Databse V1.0 has Carr (34.5" vertical), Bortles (32.5" verticle) and Mack leading in the draft mocks. Most mocks have Manziel (31.5 vertical) off the draft boards before the #8 pick. Now that his height and other issues may cause him to slip just a little what should Speilman do if Manziel is on the board at #8.

In this scenario:

#1 Texans - select Teddy Bridgewater QB

#2 Rams - select Greg Robinson OT

#3 Jaguars - select Jadeveon Clowney(225# @25 reps)

#4 Browns - select Blake Bortles

#5 Raiders - select Sammy Watkins WR (34" verticle)

#6 Falcons - select Kalil Mack LB

#7 Bucs - select Anthony Barr LB


Take your pick, Johnny Speed doesn't look much shorter than the other top QBs!

UNOFFICIAL 40 times: Johnny Manziel: 4.56 Derek Carr: 4.65 Jordan Lynch: 4.72 Tajh Boyd: 4.75 Blake Bortles: 4.81 AJ McCarron: 4.91

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