Anthony Barr

I felt the need to put this FanPost out there because it seems like Barr has become a forgotten player. He's not my favorite player in the draft or anything, but still he is way too good of player to be almost forgotten. Now that Mayock crowned Kalil Mack, thats who everyone wants suddenly and now nobody seems to really even think of Barr as an option. He didn't die before the combine or suddenly decide the NFL wasn't for him. He is very much still apart of this draft.

While he didn't exacty blow anyone away at the combine, he still is clearly a very athletic prospect and is "quicker than fast" as Mayock would say.

Anthony Barr, (NFL Draft Grade:6.6) 6'5 255 lbs
33 1/2" Arms, 9 3/8" Hands
2013: 66 Tackles 20 TFL 10 Sacks
2012: 83 Tackles 21.5 TFL 13.5 Sacks
(2011 He was played the RB position and in 2010 he played the WR position)

"Exceptional take-off speed, acceleration and closing burst. Makes plays effortlessly in back-side lateral pursuit. Outstanding recovery quickness to make plays (when he is out of position). Explosive striker. Can produce "wow" plays when he triggers quickly or releases cleanly and has developed a reputation for knocking quarterbacks out of games."

"Perhaps most impressive qualities are Barr's balance, lateral agility and acceleration, which he uses to break down in the open field as well as when exploding into ballcarriers for ferocious hits.

Freakish combination of size and athleticism. Possesses long arms, extraordinary burst off the ball and explosive closing ability -- a terrifying combination that gives him an immediate advantage over pass-blockers. Developing swim move to complement his speed, and possesses the strength and use of leverage to effectively bull-rush.

Followed up breakout junior season with another standout campaign despite facing constant double-team attention. Causes holding penalties due to his athletic motor and power to rip through blocks."

"A highly disruptive, athletic specimen with the pass-rush potential to effortlessly emerge as a double-digit sack producer. Is far from a finished product and his best football is still ahead of him, yet he plays the game with more of an offensive temperament and could require some patience. Is the type of rare athlete that could even contribute as an offensive playmaker once he learns to grasp defensive concepts and the game slows down for him. A top-10 talent."

"Compares To: Demarcus Ware, Cowboys -- To develop into the all-around performer that Ware has become, however, Barr will need to show better leverage and overall physicality, especially when offenses run his direction."

The best part about Anthony Barr is that he's just getting started. He's only been playing the position for 2 years! He has been playing this dominantly while still just learning the position. Once he can truely make reads and has developed his anticipation, he might end up having been a better pick than Mack. While most teams will look at him as a 3-4 guy, when you have Mike Zimmer as your head coach and George Edwards as your DC that changes. Zimmer's different looks and constant substituting makes Minnesota not a common 4-3 but a hybrid of its own. Thats why he had Harrison as one of his OLB last year, and not long ago he had Michael Johnson the well known 6'7 DE playing as an OLB as well. He definitely could find multiple ways to use Barr and tap into that ability.

As some of you know, I live in California. I've got a place in Long Beach and I constantly crash at a place in Fresno, so my whole life I've seen alot UCLA games (Been to a few dorm parties there too) and for the last two seasons have seen alot of Fresno State. Barr is a beast. Just like how you guys would know better of Gopher players, I can tell you about those UCLA guys. While I think the best option is to trade back and take Dennard or Pryor, trust me if the Vikings end up choosing Barr applaud.

...And just out of curiousity, with all the Darrelle Revis trade rumors flying around: If the Vikings could trade Adrian Peterson for Darrelle Revis would you be ok with that idea? Not that it will ever happen, but if you could would you? Darrelle Revis probably has atleast 4 years left. Adrian Peterson probably has 2. Darrelle Revis has like 0 zero guaranteed money on his contract, it's year to year. Adrian Petersons contract was dealt a few years ago but 36 mil is garunteed so they are still on the hook for quite a bit even if his play tanks after next year. Would help us greatly on defense, but on offense we'd become reliant on Gerhart who should be a good starter but still its unknown if he can be great.

This FanPost was created by a registered user of The Daily Norseman, and does not necessarily reflect the views of the staff of the site. However, since this is a community, that view is no less important.

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