One reason why the NFL is leery of quarterbacks shorter than 6 feet.

So, I got into a fairly detailed discussion about the relative success of short quarterbacks on the open thread today. Primarily, it is another debate as to whether Johnny Manziel will be a franchise quarterback. Yeah, I am not above using that success (or lack thereof) as a reason against Manziel...who was recently measured at the combine as being shorter than 6 feet tall. The argument presented was that Doug Flutie did pretty well and he was under 6 feet tall. What clued me into these details and win percentages was when the fact was brought up that Flutie "only" won 57.6% of all his starts despite being too short to play. So this fanpost will show every quarterback with significant starting time and significantly better win percentages along with the quarterback's heights. I am researching this as I go so we will find out what the historical correlation is between a NFL quarterback's height and winning football games. If I end up proving myself wrong then, so be it. Remember, my argument is that quarterbacks under 6 feet tall have not had much success historically.

Here are the guys who have 32+ wins and won over 60% of all games started. Sorted by winning percentage. The main source of my information only lists quarterbacks who are either in the Hall of Fame or have 32+ career wins as the starting quarterback. Basic math tells us that it takes 4 seasons of 8 wins apiece to get to 32. If a starter isn't performing by that point then that team is usually either looking for a new quarterback or already has one. After all, isn't winning what we expect of a franchise quarterback?

Name Height Win %

Otto Graham 6'1" 81.4%
Daryle Lamonica 6'3" 78.4%
Tom Brady 6'4" 77.5%
Roger Staubach 6'3" 74.6%
Joe Montana 6'2" 71,3%
Peyton Manning 6'5" 69.6%
Jim McMahon 6'1" 69.1%
Bob Waterfield 6'1" 68.5%
Terry Bradshaw 6'3" 67.7%
Danny White 6'2" 67.4%
Frank Ryan 6'3" 67.2%
Ben Roethlisberger 6'5" 66.9%
Aaron Rodgers 6'2" 66.7%
Ken Stabler 6'3" 66.1%
Steve Young 6'2" 65.7%
Joe Flacco 6'6" 64.6%
Johnny Unitas 6'1" 64.5%
Pat Haden 5'11" 64.5%
John Elway 6'3" 64.3%
Matt Ryan 6'4" 63.8%
Jack Kemp 6'1" 63.3%
Jim Kelly 6'3" 63.1%
Earl Morrall 6'1" 62.6%
Brett Favre 6'2" 62.4%
Charlie Conerly 6'1" 62.4%
Norm Van Brocklin 6'1" 62.4%
Joe Theismann 6'0" 62.1%
Bob Griese 6'1" 61.9%
Bart Starr 6'1" 61.8%
Philip Rivers 6'5" 61.7%
Stan Humphries 6'2" 61.7%
Jay Fiedler 6'2" 61.7%
Len Dawson 6'0" 61.6%
Jay Schroeder 6'4" 61.6%
Jeff Hostetler 6'3" 61.4%
Dan Marino 6'4" 61.3%
Donovan McNabb 6'2" 61.2%
Randall Cunningham 6'4" 61.1%
Mark Rypien 6'4" 60.3%

And that's it: every quarterback in NFL history with 32+ wins and winning better than 60% of the games that they started. There are 39 of them and exactly one (Pat Haden) is under 6 feet tall, with two more that are 6 foot even. Russell Wilson is missing because he doesn't have 32 wins yet. Drew Brees is missing from this list because his win percentage is 59.5%...and I had to make a cutoff somewhere with a round number. So, three quarterbacks in NFL history have won 60% of their starts, have 32+ wins and are 6 foot or shorter. Three out of 39...or 7.6% over the course of NFL history. And that's why the NFL treats quarterbacks who are 6 foot or shorter with caution and/or disdain. Because history has shown that very few of them will really do that well. This is not 20 or 30 years of history...this is nearly 80 years of history here. And 80 years of NFL history says that quarterbacks who are 6 foot or shorter and have had some success are in the definite minority.

Now, are some of these guys not franchise quarterbacks? Yeah...but the vast majority were franchise quarterbacks and a good percentage will likely be in the Hall of Fame or are already in.

Well, there you have it. Now on with the comments regarding my stupidity/ignorance.

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