Offseason Scenario/Mocks

So, the season is over. We know all of the Vikings draft spots. We know who almost all of the coaches will be. Time to wait for the official announcement of the Coaching Staff, and FA right? Wrong, we're all bored and want to speculate. So I came up with my own offseason plan and a couple of different draft scenarios.

First of all, we don't know who the LB coach will be. That is going to be VERY important for the Vikings defense. They have a barn full of promising LBs but only one clear cut starter. That means we need the best coach possible to bring all that potential out of them. Me, I would do everything possible to get Kirby Smart. Now that would be no easy task by any means. He's under contract with Alabama as the LB coach/Defensive Coordinator. So he's dominating the SEC and CFB, hard to convince someone to walk away from that. But with enough money why wouldn't he leave for the NFL? Throw as much money as necissary his way.. Again if it was me.

Secondly, FA will be a huge telling tale of what is to be. I feel, as most that Spielman will be very, very aggressive this offseason. His career is on the line, plus alot of other peoples and there are too many holes to realistically fill in one draft. I mean even Wobby said he believes the Vikings will be aggressive in FA.. WOBBY EVEN! That guy always preaches building through the draft and how Spielman isn't a big spender in FA. So I think it doesn't seem crazy to believe they make some big moves. So heres how I would take care of FA:

Walk the Plank:
-Sorry Jared Allen, I hope you get your ring bud
-Same for you Kevin Williams
-Good riddance Charlie Johnson
-Josh Freeman
-Chris Cook
-Desmond Bishop
-Jerome Simpson
-Marvin Mitchell
-Joe Webb
-Toby Gerhart, you done good kid
-Everson Griffen, you want too much but I appreciate your time

-J'Marcus Webb, more competition and backup
-Matt Cassel, well not really sign, but I wouldn't let him go. Get photos of him smoking crack with a hooker as blackmail or do whatever it takes to make him not void the contract
-Joe Berger, more competition and backup
-Alterraun Verner, with him across from Rhodes we now have two shut down CB's for years to come
-Michael Johnson, last year his sack total dipped but he still had as many QB Hurries as elite DE's and is the #2 run stopping DE in the league. He is one of the most productive DE's in the league and thats why Zimmer has a man crush on him
- Richie Incognito, to replace Johnson. Should come cheap considering he comes with baggage but for his talent and his overly aggressive play it'd be worth it. Gives Minnesota a few years to find a top talent replacement, till then they have a top O-line.

Now for the different scenarios and before I get started let me throw this out there, this is not necissarily what I would do. I just got bored of the average scenarios everyone uses for their mocks so I wanted to get creative. Again, this is not necissarily what I would do if I was GM.

One: Minnesota trades for Ryan Mallett. While people suggest learning with the Patriots to be the best possible situation for him, I don't believe this to be so. I believe they lucked out BIG TIME with Tom Bradys competitive edge driving him to become a great QB. Belichecks team runs a very complicated offense, that doesn't really fit Mallett like the Air Coryell would. While learning under Tom Brady is good, and he has no doubt learned a lot in his time shadowing the future HoF QB, it hasn't seemed to have had a huge impact on Cassel.. Mallett is a huge specimen 6'7 250 lbs with as strong of an arm as anyone in the NFL. He was known for his pin point accuracy, laser throws, and football IQ in college. He fell due to his slow speed and off field issues. Then the Patriots picked him up and he has since been standing on the sidelines with a clip board watching Brady. His preseasons have been a mixture of impressive and frustrating. I believe that is largely due to the system, its tailored to fit Tom Brady like a glove. And while Tom Brady thrives on getting in the defenses head with short quick passes and a high completion percentage, that doesn't fit an old school gunslinger like Malletts style. In Turners system he would have room to thrive and play in a scheme that truely fits him. In the Air Coryell offense high completion percentages aren't the goal. What matters is that you can make those deep hits when necissary. Dan Fouts is a great example, guy did not have impressive completion percentages at all but he's still a HoF QB that played underneath Don Coryell.

Two: Minnesota trades up for Teddy Bridgewater. The DE, CB and G position were solidified with FA so they have less hole. Also they don't need to just give up picks from this years draft. No one expects us to be in the playoffs this year, its just expected they pick the right QB this year. Teddy Bridgewater is a very good, very safe pick. While he may not be Aaron Rodgers (even though the college comparisons do fit) still QB's this well rounded and safe don't come around very often. I do not see him being a bust at all, no part of me does. While I don't necissarily think he'll right away be as good as Andrew Luck I still see him as a very good QB. While he doesn't fit the Air Coryell offense as well as some other QBs in this draft, he still would fit. Under Turners tutelage he could become a rock star though, don't get me wrong. He just needs to fill out some, but god this kid can do it all. He's got the arm, the mechanics, the pocket poise, the athleticism, the IQ, release, eyes. Ofcourse this is all based on the assumption the Texans don't take him. It's actually very possible they trade for Mallett, there are already some reports that Bill O'Brien and Bill Belichick are already in talks to make it happen.

Note: I used the Fanspeak 'On The Clock' Draft Simulator for these drafts. So availability of players was based on their simulator. Somewhat realistic, or atleast more realistic than others that give you insane trade offers every pick.

Mock Draft #1:
The Vikings trade next years 3rd and 7th round picks for Ryan Mallett (the Patriots are known for being patient enough to accept future picks), so they still have all their picks for this seasons draft and the QB situation wrapped up.

1. - C.J. Mosely, ILB
I'm always going back in forth on this guy, but considering he's a do it all LB, that makes him very versatile and that makes him very valuable. He's the Dick Butkus award winner and has been compared to the likes of Ray Lewis. He is the defensive leader for the best defense in college football, Alabama. He's versatile, extremely intelligent, tough, if he gained some weight and was a couple inches taller he probably wouldn't last till the 8th pick.

2. - Lamarcus Joyner, CB/S
Here's your next Antoine Winfield. With Alteraun Verner and Rhodes on the sides and Lamarcus Joyner in the slot, we can truely be a Zimmer defense that dares offesnes to throw on us. Another versatile player that can also play safety much like last years pick, Tyrann Mathieu aka the Honey Badger. Instinctive, hard nosed, with Zimmer and Gray coaching him, we'll have a great do it all player in Joyner.

3. - Donte Moncrief, WR
It's pretty safe to assume the Vikings release Simpson. While it doesn't seem to be all on his shoulders (Having Christian Ponder as your QB for like 6 games won't help your stats.) he just hasn't given the Vikings what they were looking for, and he was expected with his baggage to keep his nose as clean as possible and failed too. So enter Donte Moncrief: "Moncrief (6-3, 225 pounds) brings outstanding size to the position. He is fearless in the middle of the field, catches the ball well in traffic, and can be dangerous after the catch as well.". Give this guy time with George Stewart and the Vikings will have that big body deep threat needed to run the Bang 8. While I do expect Patterson to have his share of deep shots he's still far from being able to make the contested catches necissary to be the over the top threat needed in Turners offense. The Vikings WR core just got scary.

3. - DaQuan Jones, NT
I really don't think I need to explain this pick too much, he was mocked so many times previously on this site I believe everyone is familiar with him. We desperately need improvement at the NT position. DaQuan Jones is that improvement..

4. - Terrence Brooks, S
Highly aggressive, athletic, good closing speed and change of direction, long arms. Brooks is an ex CB who was at times asked to play slot (Yeah, the nickel position on the Vikings just got rediculously better) and was converted to the S position. He's not the biggest safety but he's very willing to lower his shoulder and thump. Also he'd be far better in coverage than Sandejo and Sanford. Time to let Raymond walk and welcome an awsome, aggressive ballhawking secondary.

5. - Caraun Reid, DT
Added some depth to the rotation. Caraun Reid had a fantastic week in Mobile for the Senior Bowl. I think we all saw him play, so I'll do myself the favor of not going into depth on this choice. If you didn't see him, time to use handy ol' Google.

6. - Crockett Gilmore, TE
Another pick from the Senior Bowl. John Carlson has all the ability in the world, but he has not shown it except in a game or two. Also theres a good chance he decides to save himself from extra brain damage and retires. Now Gilmore had a great week of practice and game in the Senior Bowl. It was between him and certain ex Oregon TE that showed all the promise in the world but was arrested for cocaine possession. I went with the underdog with promise instead. Go aggies!

7. - Andrew Jackson, ILB
What another LB?? Yeah, this guy is violent as hell, ups his game against top competition (Check out his game against Alabama) and has a huge chip on his shoulder. He pretty much hates the SEC, likely jealousy for not getting to play for an SEC school but I don't care. This guy can add alot of extra aggression to the LB cores attitude and I could easily see this guy working his a*s off given the opportunity to prove everyone they were wrong for not paying more attention to him. Time to ditch Mitchell.

Mock Draft #2:
Minnesota trades with the Rams for the #2 pick in the draft. They traded their 1st round and 3rd round pick from this years draft, and their 1st and 4th round picks from next seasons. A guy named Jackson McIntire from Viking Age did a mock with a similar trade after using a Trade Value Chart. Accept this is a more realistic way to get the Rams to give us the pick but not tear this years draft apart.

1. - Teddy Bridgewater, QB
If you've seen this guy play, I don't need to explain

2. - Lamarcus Joyner, CB/S

3. - DaQuan Jones, NT

4. - Terrence Brooks, S

5. - Ryan Grant, WR
Around the same size as CP but excells where he doesn't. Very smooth route runner, good at creating space, "one of the most underrated pass catchers in the country".

6. - Crockett Gilmore, TE

7. - Andrew Jackson, ILB

This FanPost was created by a registered user of The Daily Norseman, and does not necessarily reflect the views of the staff of the site. However, since this is a community, that view is no less important.

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