A fan's off-season wish list for the Vikings - 2014 edition

I'm an old Vikings fan (since 1970) who is finally excited about the team's future, after the hiring of Mike Zimmer, for whom I have high hopes. I think the team got the right man for the daunting task of winning a championship in the near future. Having said that, we all know a lot of tough decisions lie ahead, and those tough decisions are sometimes met with hand-wringing angst among loyal (but sometimes unrealistic) fans. So, it is no picnic being at the top of the decision chain. I have some faith that Zimmer and Spielman will work together and will do what is right, rather than what is easy or popular. I've been saying for three years now, that I would have traded Adrian Peterson for many sound reasons. Due to the contract issues, it remains to be seen if that can be worked out, but I still believe it to be in the best interests of him and the organization to move on. But, the window on that is half-closed now and perhaps it's a moot point. Anyway, that and other simple requests are among my wishes for this off-season. Skol!

My 2014 off-season wish list for the Vikings

- I hope the new leadership uses every available method to reshape the roster, and starts doing so as soon as possible. That means I wish for a trade or three, an active period in Free Agency and a Draft where we acquire more Picks before and during.

- I hope the team adds youthful, talented players on both offense and defense.

- I hope the team finds a proper trade partner and deals Adrian Peterson for a fair exchange that includes multiple draft picks and perhaps a promising QB.

- I hope the team adds a group of solid Free Agents at key positions of need, thus allowing them to go for BPA in the Draft. (my priorities would be G, DB, LB, DL)

- I hope we end up with three viable QBs after all is said and done. I want one of them to be Jimmy Garoppolo and I want none of them to be Christian Ponder. They should engage in open competition in Training Camp, and may the best man win the starting job.

- As for Ponder, I hope a team is willing to give the Vikings a Round 4 Draft Pick in a deal that may include him but may also include other players or Picks.

- In the Draft, I support moving up OR down, depending upon how it plays out. Adding more Draft Picks prior to the Draft will allow more flexibility and I think we will see that. If the team knows they want a particular QB, I think they need to go after that player aggressively, if there is any way to get that player.

- I hope the team stays far away from players like Michael Vick. I don't want him anywhere near this organization.

- I hope the team signs Everson Griffen and Toby Gerhart. I hope they do not sign Chris Cook.

- I hope the new offense they install is diversified and balanced, and it utilizes the talent more effectively than in recent years.

- I hope Cordarelle Patterson remains humble and team-oriented, in the face of all the focus he is receiving and is about to receive. A good attitude will go a long way in building his promising future and helping this team.

- I hope the new stadium construction continues at an efficient pace, and that the public continues to get excited about the franchise's future.

- I hope Minnesota is awarded a Super Bowl and they become the first team to play in it as an actual Home team!

What are YOUR wish lists for the Vikings, as the off-season chugs along?

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